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Meticulous scene unfolds in heightened real-time drama unprecedented

Prominent spectacle sweeping across cultures in unified pulse laden with mystery showcasing

Dialects come joyfully converging in awe-inspiring collage overflowing with love indescribable

Wonder of the aisle towering in unparalleled glorious showcase merging ribcage in infinite divine seal

Chords of happily ever after harmoniously playing in sensational dream come true symphony

Sentimentally smiting from left to the right in exclusive universal fashion

©The Blazing Trail 2017

Knock knock knock of love

Rumbling softly like drumsticks absorbed in classic symphony

Seeking in eranest plea

It resonates within body soul and spirit in unison of essence

Universal spectacle

Electrifying to the sixth sense

With love smiting stimuli

The knock of love


Favorite ringtone of all


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Mirror! Mirror! Mirror!

Overture cascades through the ages until now

Like stereo echoes amplified

In crescendo

Across humanity’s multitude of sphere

And platform

Definition and understanding tilting the scales

Of discernment and unravel

Along prominence wavelength

Entrenched among mortals

Deep intensified search underway

For answers

The grand answer



Beneath veil eventful

Of the finite


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It spans breadth of the width

Length of the distance

Deep of the depth

Peak of the height

Infinite pulse

Transmitted via spectacle

Of the blazing eyes

Superior touch

Echoes of wavelength



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Nations assemble


In their multitudes grandeur

Great and small unified in pulse

Bond united

Sentimental expression marks each face

Commonality in diversity

Emphatic posture underlining public statement

Optimism apex

Sound of the national anthem

Saturating the air with beauty limitless

Flag paints irresistible patterns of love

Successive wave

Awe inspiring


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