There exists the great mystery of all times, once concealed, now revealed, securely holding the chords of life together. Like a bride on a bright sunny D-day morning she patiently stands still, eagerly awaiting the grand moment of unveiling, for the kiss of grace that completes humanity in perfect love.


He sat calmly at the spacious balcony overlooking the magnificent early evening view of the city and nodded slowly in contemplation as he slowly took one more sip of his four O’clock raspberry tea sweetly crowned with mint flavored honey. He inhaled deeply as a gentle breeze brushed across his face, silently marveling at the magnitude of activity unfolding below him from his vantage point. A legend…his exploits renowned beyond horizons.

He had fought with the lions and triumphed exceedingly. Had sent thunder to flight and arrested lightning in firm grip. In breathtaking fashion, he had out-sprinted Acinonyx jubatus in broad day light. His legend soaring all across the land in prominence unmatched; his conquests awe-inspiring sky scrapers that earned him admiration from the high and mighty.

Yet he hated to admit it, this lone situation was beyond him. It was slowly beginning to dawn on him with increasing measure and mounting difficulty…the possibility of a greater reality, one beyond his monumental exploits, governed by parameters that stood as a sharp contrast to those that shaped his highly celebrated profile. Clearly. He felt his mind drift to a spin trying to comprehend this. He had for obvious reasons often reflected upon his outstanding portfolio as one that epitomized dominion. What manner of supremacy could possibly exceed this? The discrepancy suggested by the possibility emanating from this scenario, worse still, the inability to explain it was killing him on the inside.

He was occasionally haunted by a bottomless sense of horror at the imagination of the unknown. He wanted to scream at the top of his voice, jump or do something crazy. If what he had was not power, then what was it? If it was the real thing then how come it seemed limited on this one crucial matter? It was like having ninety-nine percent in the bag, yet still haunted by the unsecured one percent that seemed to command such a unique significance by far outshining the gains in the bag.

He watched keenly as the outstandingly groomed damsel returned with an aluminum honey pot neatly placed on a flowered round shaped ceramic tray. She had this spark of excellence that aroused his curiosity. At a glance, it typified a dignified status that undeniably opposed her present. This too was hard to reconcile. Yet it was the case.

He zoomed in on the mysterious seal like tattoo on her upper right arm. He was seeing this for the second time this day. It did not exactly enthrall him behaving like a toddler, yet found his entire being effortlessly drawn to the very mystique like iron fillings by a strong magnetic bar. Something about it was for no clear reason lighting him up with profound curiosity. Like a man of sorrows. Despised. Esteemed not – the image stared at him with piercing eyes, like one prodding intently. He frowned at the contrast between the beautiful glowing face and the image depicted by the tattoo. How could the two exist together? Talking of discrepancies, this day seemed to present more than just one illustration on the matter. He felt like one lost in a hostile wilderness going round and round in circles of motion with no progress.

“Are you okay sir?”

To be continued…



…“Some things defy meaning, explanation and reason, Joannah. This is one of them!”

Came the well thought out, well articulated  response. He gently pressed his white handkerchief against his eyes.

…“We will never know until we try Joe!”


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