Is the beat

That’s steering 

The ship forward

To deeper seas and

Higher heights above

Marching exuberantly

In the new moon’s glow

To cascading horizon uncharted

Faith and hope alight in promise pursuit

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you (1 Thes. 5:16-18 NIV)




For the apple

Motive accelerated

Concealed in Balak’s bad

Threat soared in lethal fashion

Then zion marched forth tellingly

Great hand of deliverance outstretched

Virtue prevailing over scheme clandestine

Darkness quenched in face of light majestic

Eternal flame burning in heartwarming safety signature

©The Blazing Trail 2021


Seasoning in exclusive flavor and authentic aura sizzling

Lights up taste buds in reflex so enlightened by wisdom’s glorious spur

Shining light in peculiar life-giving wavelength deeply true and hope filled

Vice subdued decisively by virtue profound and timeless


©The Blazing Trail 2018


Descending from echelons prominently elevated

Adorned in magnificent aura radiating glorious aesthetic

For the day definitively heralded in universal reach

Zion’s pinnacle glows in thrill of accomplishment

Majestic posture enthroned within the moment

Where the story ends and begins in seamless interval captivating

Signature procession eternally unrivaled

Unveiling spectacle

Of the bride


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Substance way out there

UP there

Convergence of truth

Defined and obscure

Multiple in version

Behind veil of the cloud



Photo Credits(Shandi Lee)

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Continued from last week…

He frowned at the contrast between the beautiful glowing face and the image depicted by the tattoo. How could the two exist together? Talking of discrepancies, this day seemed to present more than just one illustration on the matter. He felt like one lost in a hostile wilderness going round and round in circles of motion with no progress.

“Are you okay sir?” Came the gentle voice underlined with delicate innocence that caused his heart to race fast. Continue reading “VEILED 2”


There exists the great mystery of all times, once concealed, now revealed, securely holding the chords of life together. Like a bride on a bright sunny D-day morning she patiently stands still, eagerly awaiting the grand moment of unveiling, for the kiss of grace that completes humanity in perfect love.

*** Continue reading “VEILED”

Books and Covers

The lone diva stood at the waving base clearly overlooking the runway, the yodel of her magnificent tune cascading through the serene evening ether in a thrill that melted the hearts of all who heard it. She was a blonde, the exclusive fine-touch of a master sculptor, her dumbfounding beauty beyond description. Continue reading “Books and Covers”

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