Every espionage operative knows one of their most dreaded moments: The day their cover is blown off! Nothing matches the feel of this one! It’s not always easy to predict the how and when of this often inevitable spine chilling instant. It’s the complex web of multiple players and roles, compounded by an array of intrigues…one thing leading to another in a swift spiraling progression that heightens the tension, fuelling the one breathtaking enigma: The element of surprise! At the grand finale. In the face of an empty sausage shelf at the City store!

They are carriers within, around and behind themselves of greater realities, representative of different worlds. For it seems two worlds indeed do exist. You see it, taste it, hear, smell and feel it; You know it! Light and Darkness, sweet and bitter, right and wrong, pleasant and foul, life and death, joy and sadness, victory and defeat, freedom and captivity, he and she, good and bad, this versus that, day and night Truth and Deception and on to infinity. There are rules in each world. Rules that could make or break.

A lot happens behind the scenes. And things are not always what they seem from the outward view. For these worlds are at war. Viciously it rages on, for the coveted prize of the human heart…to capture in full loyalty. Every single day significant, each event and moment laden, each one of us an active vessel-by design or obliviously…And ignorance is no excuse, neither is victim of circumstance defense. Personal responsibility is a nonnegotiable here. The sausage can be an incredibly irresistible bait, by motive or unconsciously, as can be a turn off to the discerning eye. All is well as long as it’s business as usual, until hell breaks loose and the two worlds are headed for a head on collision.

It’s a showdown for supremacy and legitimacy. No one takes defeat on their belly. You know the fireworks will sparkle, as the duel looms. And you know the winner will be taking it all for sure. Some surprises are more aha than others. You see some approach, while others strike faster than lightning. No one is custodian or in full control of the circumstances, not in the full picture-even at their best.

For it seems there is one absolute reality towering above all else as the embodiment of authentic legitimacy and supremacy. The ideal of the two worlds who curiously seems to be custodian of all details there in, holding the full picture together in his hand. An intriguing script writer and producer steering the show to his desired end, reminiscent of one before all things.

The quest for dominion, over the affairs of the human race is a vivid reality thus, no doubt about it. Locked in a protracted battle within the political, social and economic spheres for the loyalty of the priceless prize of the human heart are the two worlds. Nothing can woo better than the tantalizing taste of a sausage! One can always overcome the bait though…what it means to belong to the ideal world. Choice is king for every one of us, an exercise of a precious gift of free will. Informing choice is the set of world view lenses provided for the citizens of each world.

Then of course there are drowning horses. Oops-my face! That was pretty close! The hoof!! Beware of this lethal last line of defense. As the ship tore through the turbulent waters leaving behind a blazing trail in its wake, it was evident a head on collision was imminent. Locked neck to neck on heated combat, it seemed inevitable. From the naked eye, it seemed both worlds were in danger of each other as the physical manifestations within the forces of nature at play were evidently demonstrating at the moment. It would seem both worlds have access to various environmental forces! Somehow.

That world view set of lenses become rather critical here. A closer observation would interestingly reveal it was actually one world at war within itself. That’s the way it is with a drowning horse.  At war with itself! For one man it was clear. For the rest however, it wasn’t. One man knew what was exactly going on as a besieged horse neighed hysterically in a mighty sea storm to thwart the unstoppable sustained advance of Alpha the Majestic on territorial conquest . For the rest of us it was an image of a bad day in the life threatening sudden twist of events that needed some quick fixing. So it’s true. At the point of engagement, what one carries inside, the world they represent comes to view.

There is the captivating instance toward the peak of the movie a drowning horse is desperately cornered and throwing all manner of paraphernalia at an unmoved hero in an unsuccessful attempt to keep him at bay. The hero seemingly immune to whatever detraction and sideshow at this point affords a gentle smile. A mark of resilience and resolve. At this point,the cover is blown for both agents.One of them has everything to lose,the other everything to gain. The moment of reckoning! The horse screams at the top of his voice while draining magazine after magazine in an appalling misfiring circus .The slugs ricochet to the sender with amazing precision as the hero unwaveringly closes in.

With the focus of an undisputed Olympic Games Champion in a sprint final, he blazes to the finishing line, a new world record beckoning from the score board. For it is at his disposal to do greater things. Clad in full battle gear characteristic of his heritage, he disembarks from the docked ship and ventures into the fortified territory in the magnificence of a grand orchestra at climax. He strolls forth with an intriguing tag on him: Enemy of state!

The horse loads yet a fresh magazine, littering the airspace before him in a doomed volley as the hero shoots forward with the single-mindedness of a cheetah in full flight. The snare of the wayside stares in awe while that of the stone lets out a sigh of defeat as the thorns crackle in concession to defeat. The distinction between dominion and wishful thinking.

In a characteristic fashion, Michael had taken the day with his two-thirds as Sleek the intricate made a nose dive, with his third.

What a spectacular display! Neat. We watched with mouths wide open as though it were all happening in a drama show if not a dream as a herd of two thousand was caught in a wave on a fast lane to the sea. The legion of doom was no more, at least not in this man who now sat calmly before us, the mark of freedom. How he had carried the weight strong enough to drive a herd of two thousand this berserk was a mystery we would probably be grappling with for a long time to come. I wished Alpha had sent this force further away as i feared it would swim back to the shore! Then I recalled with a heavy heart it was not how far away it could be sent. After all there would still be some human beings around there! The secret lay in choice. Light and Darkness;either or! That was purely a personal matter in every respect of the word. I shuddered at the vulnerability of mankind…what if darkness presented itself in the form of an irresistible sausage? It could amount to one being a base of operation for such monumental evil as evidenced in the man seated before us.

Never before had our eyes been opened to the sobering realities behind the scenes. Of a battle on course against a victory already secured. I guess that’s why Alpha had chosen to sleep while we languished in anxiety, led astray from our place of victory by the intense turmoil of a drowning horse. It’s never uneventful, when two worlds collide!

As all this unfolded, we had more problems to deal with. The local business and pastoral folk was gearing up for a backlash. There were no pork sausages in the market nor the pigs to provide them! The plot was thickening yet having the events of the last 24 hours freshly embedded  in our minds we looked forward with confidence, for we knew our backs were covered: The joy of resting in one before all things, in whom all things hold together.

©The Blazing Trail 2012-All rights reserved


  1. Awesome. Now I get the Sausage joke totally. Knew there was some deeper connection. Lovely piece.


  2. Your post tells the story of conflict in a most original manner. “…an empty sausage shelf at the City store; no one takes defeat on their belly.” Love it.

    Thanks for the visit to Maxi’s Comments, appreciate the “like.”

    Blessings – Maxi


  3. I just stopped by to thank you for “liking” so many of my posts! It always gives me a lift. And though I will admit to being partial to the blog you visited (my last year’s blog), I will still hope you visit my newer blog, as well. Thanks very much for stopping by. 🙂


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