Every espionage operative knows one of their most dreaded moments: The day their cover is blown off! Nothing matches the feel of this one! It’s not always easy to predict the how and when of this often inevitable spine chilling instant. It’s the complex web of multiple players and roles, compounded by an array of intrigues…one thing leading to another in a swift spiraling progression that heightens the tension, fuelling the one breathtaking enigma: The element of surprise! At the grand finale. In the face of an empty sausage shelf at the City store! Continue reading “WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE”


“Sir! We have a problem!”Came an alarmed voice from the watch tower. There was commotion in the room as Sleek the intricate made his way swiftly toward the wide-screen at the front of the room. Continue reading “THE HOME STRETCH”


The spokesman walked brusquely up the wooden stair case in the wee hours of the morning brandishing his half eaten roast Tilapia. The bone framework was a vivid display of the excellence with which he was undertaking the surgery. He slumped to his seat, his eyes casually looking round the room where his friends spoke in low tones with others drifting to sleep while others still like him, the love balm and the stethoscope reflected in solitude. Continue reading “Doh-Ray-Mi”

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