Calming storms

Stilling turmoil

With certainty unmatched

Mountain and valley lie low

In uniform flatten

Birds singing for joy


With a touch


The telescope


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It flows

Good tidings with it

Life divine

Rare current

Sparking the touch

That one touch

Embracing life

Light giving

Changing life

Desire of the dialects

In their multitudes

The touch of life


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Some things just never change! It’s probably a proverb worthy of reflection that old habits die hard. From a layman’s point of view to the rocket scientist’s interpretation, some element of undisputed truth dwells in there. There exists a silent line in the broad scheme of things. A defining boundary beyond which self subtly and definitively translates to divine, almost with a tone of finality…fatally so. In tension filled successive sweeping waves characteristic of the self destruct, moments tick by. As sure as the sunset, it is only a matter of time! Always. Continue reading “CRY OF THE HUNTED”


Every espionage operative knows one of their most dreaded moments: The day their cover is blown off! Nothing matches the feel of this one! It’s not always easy to predict the how and when of this often inevitable spine chilling instant. It’s the complex web of multiple players and roles, compounded by an array of intrigues…one thing leading to another in a swift spiraling progression that heightens the tension, fuelling the one breathtaking enigma: The element of surprise! At the grand finale. In the face of an empty sausage shelf at the City store! Continue reading “WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE”


I wish to thank you all dear friends for your friendship and support.What an amazing experience this continues to be!Though unable to  mention each one of you by name,you should know it’s a real joy meeting you.There is this great real sense of expectancy!

I thank Rose , A Star on the Forehead, Maribel and Spilled Cookies for nominating me for the Commentator Award,Sunshine Blogger Award(a double) and the One Lovely Blog Award .You will love their work!

This is to all of you:CHEERS!!!



My ten nominees are:

  1. http://rcnorman.wordpress.com/
  2. http://cessology.wordpress.com/
  3. http://justmyfaithtalking.wordpress.com/
  4. http://evanlaar1922.wordpress.com/
  5. http://michelewhitney.wordpress.com/
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  7. http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/
  8. http://jennysserendipity.wordpress.com/
  9. http://florenceandfreddie.wordpress.com/
  10. http://magsx2.wordpress.com/



Here are the rules:

1.Repost the award in a post that includes the blog of the person that nominated you.

2.State 10 things about yourself.

3.Nominate 10 people.

Ten things about myself:

  1. I have a natural dislike for bullies and so ‘Home Alone 1-2’ are my favorite movies!
  2. Potatoes are a passion for me!
  3. I believe the presidential motorcade is one of the modern-day wonders of the world!
  4. I enjoy making friends.
  5. I had a near death experience at age 11.
  6. I believe in the beauty of real-time human stories!
  7. I belive in the existence and beauty of a place in every person called ‘The Best of Me’…part of a greater human reality!
  8. I believe life is a visible, indefinite, temporal opportunity to invest in an invisible definite infinite future!
  9. I believe Alpha the Majestic is before all things and in him all things hold together!
  10. I believe LOVE is the best universal song and story that will ever be sung and told!

And now to my ten nominees:

  1. http://connectingdotstogod.wordpress.com/
  2. http://moonlightvenus.wordpress.com/
  3. http://barsetshirediaries.wordpress.com/
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  7. http://yatinpatel.wordpress.com/
  8. http://gravatar.com/fa7d4f244f7612eb4278b1eaf7c2d39f
  9. http://clairecappetta.wordpress.com/
  10. http://recoveryhealth.me/


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Seven facts about myself:

  1. I belive in the existence and beauty of a place in every person called ‘The Best of Me’…part of a greater human reality!
  2. Unlimited elasticity in possibilities is an incredible feature of Scrabble!
  3. I believe life is a visible indefinite temporal opportunity to invest in an invisible definite infinite future!
  4. I believe Alpha the Majestic is before all things and in him all things hold together!
  5. I believe LOVE is the best universal song and story that will ever be sung and told!
  6. I believe the producer of the movie ‘Its a mad mad world’ did an amazing job!
  7. I enjoy making friends.

My fifteen nominees are:

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  15. http://www.czechtheflip.com/

The Black Diamonds Choir!

The class burst in laughter with the instructor’s assertion everyone has their version of three minutes of madness daily. He went on to explain how he would spend some of those early morning moments making faces and stretching his ears before the bathroom mirror. Continue reading “The Black Diamonds Choir!”

The Weather Forecast

“What’s the big deal anyway? Why are you so caught up in these narrow,minute intricacies of semantics? Nibbus or Nibbus is one and the same thing-we’re gonna have rain either way!” The agitated student blurted out, obviously aggrieved by the perceived lack of consideration by his seemingly nagging instructor. Continue reading “The Weather Forecast”

Alone With The Man Eaters

There are reasons why people are in places, whether they know it or not; and regardless of the circumstances. Nothing just happens; for behind the scenes are forces that orchestrate what’s visible. The quest for greatness is endless, yet in the intricacies of the shades therein, there’s such a place as the ultimate source, the road to which persists as a confounding enigma through the ages. Amazing though is the curious observation nothing genuine has been known to exist without a counterfeit. That’s in plural. Yet a very short worded factor divides the difference extraordinaire between the two: Choice! Continue reading “Alone With The Man Eaters”

Books and Covers

The lone diva stood at the waving base clearly overlooking the runway, the yodel of her magnificent tune cascading through the serene evening ether in a thrill that melted the hearts of all who heard it. She was a blonde, the exclusive fine-touch of a master sculptor, her dumbfounding beauty beyond description. Continue reading “Books and Covers”

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