So there would be vision given to sight in graceful lace

Latter prevailing definitively over former in prominent essence

So hope would bubble over the ominous pull of care and anxiety

Light bulbs dazzling in peculiar beams courtesy of the master beam

Enlightening glow affirming in resolute onward promise never-ending

Meaning and purpose in conjoined depth of eventful marvelous unfold

Fresh perspective progressively enhances subsequent motion frame

 Multiple riveting twist magnificent ensuing

Thrill of ever after

Merged seamlessly with ever before

In resounding universal echo

Light of the world


©The Blazing Trail 2016


When the common overwhelms with extreme scarcity dumbfounding

Like a sea bed under scorch of a dry and weary ground

Hunger and thirst embrace in unrelenting yearn inexpressible

Begging for wisdom and understanding in breakthrough

Groan and mourn travail in unparalleled push beyond suffocating ceiling

Reaching out for the ultimate quench in fresh horizons

Flourish optimized in liberating life giving flavor

Where want wants no more

And overflow bubbles out in invigorating norm

None tells it best

Like zeal unbridled

Within intense thirst

Of the fish


Continue reading “LIKE A THIRSTY FISH”


Mirror! Mirror! Mirror!

Overture cascades through the ages until now

Like stereo echoes amplified

In crescendo

Across humanity’s multitude of sphere

And platform

Definition and understanding tilting the scales

Of discernment and unravel

Along prominence wavelength

Entrenched among mortals

Deep intensified search underway

For answers

The grand answer



Beneath veil eventful

Of the finite




Every espionage operative knows one of their most dreaded moments: The day their cover is blown off! Nothing matches the feel of this one! It’s not always easy to predict the how and when of this often inevitable spine chilling instant. It’s the complex web of multiple players and roles, compounded by an array of intrigues…one thing leading to another in a swift spiraling progression that heightens the tension, fuelling the one breathtaking enigma: The element of surprise! At the grand finale. In the face of an empty sausage shelf at the City store! Continue reading “WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE”

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