From Hero to Villain

I woke up that morning and there was the soul penetrating wall hanging with silver inscriptions: “He searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts,” read the untitled message with a golden microscope beside it. For some time this treasured decoration had remained obscured from my attention.

I stood gazing at it for a while as high school memories came flooding my mind. What a glorious night it had been as I scooped the prestigious award. I wondered what had become of Kilowatts, my former biology instructor who had presented it to me. I reminisced the dramatic moments as I strode to the podium with fellow students euphorically chanting and gesticulating his popular slogan: “Draw the line!”

I picked the small photo album by my bedside and quickly perused through its pages with tons of nostalgia. I paused for a moment when I saw Chris and recalled how hell had almost broken loose at the institution that afternoon when he summoned a couple of us to the laboratory to witness his nuclear power invention!

The sound of sirens and the gushing sprays from the fire engines was still freshly etched in memory. High school! The epitome of adventure! I reached for the decoration and gently wiped off the thin-film of dust accumulating on both sides. I heard the alarm go off and quickly hung it back. I had to move fast. Alpha was waiting!


Within hours, the country’s constitution had undergone mind-boggling amendments to hand this darling of the people a permanent uncontested elective term as leader of the nation. It all began that afternoon with Alpha exhibiting himself as a generous baker with a mark of distinction. His tantalizing pastries had notably sent the entire region on a frenzy in a move ushering in a new dawn that spelt doom for the food industry; fast-foods in particular. It was a spontaneous glorious public move that left everyone;pessimists and skeptics alike, gasping for breath. I was the first one he shared with that day on his intended feeding program.

In a melodramatic turn of events, a commission was formed and strong recommendations fronted within record time that a theatre enterprise for his characteristic mystical mass production is established to give him the ideal platform to sample and propagate his cause in the hope of persuading his apparently enthusiastic but hard to convince staunch adherents!

To everyone’s amazement, he quickly vanished from the scene, leaving a trail of speculation on his whereabouts among the curious witnesses. The twelve of us were mid-sea later that evening rowing to the other side, still reeling from the spectacle of the day when we saw him or something approach on water in such a petrifying scene. Horrifying childhood accounts on mermaids came replaying in amazing detail. A few of us were silently saying their last prayers.We were tongue-tied as he drew nigh.

The sound of his voice brought some much-needed sense of relief within the vessel. No one dared interrupt the pregnant silence. It was what followed the moment he stepped onboard that left us all flummoxed as we literary teleported from our location to the shore in an unprecedented climax, sealing a day of absolute wonder.

The search for us intensified early the following morning and soon an incredible fleet of ships was headed our way. Alpha watched at the approaching sea phenomenon with guarded apprehension. None of us knew what was coming. We all watched as the sea of humanity gathered around, pledging allegiance to Alpha.

To our surprise, he fired a pointed salvo at the seemingly innocent lot, challenging their motive. Unknown to us, he had read through the tide and now it was emerging his pastries were what they were really after. He sought to fine-tune their perspective by presenting himself as the ultimate pastry. Their survival and eventual claim on immortality was pegged on eating him. Their misguided self quest had thus placed them completely on an off tangent with his course.

Great confusion ensued in the aftermath. Majority of those present were evidently bored with the lengthy details of the dialogue as they casually and impatiently kept glancing at their watches hinting breakfast was long overdue. All they needed was the manual and one more demonstration that free mass pastry production, with white meat accompaniment, all from thin air was a reality. Alpha would hear none of it as he stood his ground. The line was drawn. From now on, there would be only one delicacy to feed on.One manual to refer from: Himself!

Almost immediately, it became clear a major fallout was imminent. A mass exodus followed with accusations ranging from first class cannibalism to imposture. A high-profile regional delegation from the hotel,food and beverage industry who had come seeking the pin number to Alpha’s league were the first to leave.The road was evidently becoming hard to toe for many who had interestingly been first hand witnesses and recipients of his previous sights and scenes. We all watched breathless, awed by Alpha’s next level nerve. A sense of loneliness gripped us as our public status got instantaneously updated,shrinking from stardom to relegation.

Just when we thought it was bad enough, he turned to the remaining twelve of us and sought to know if we wanted to follow suit. Our spokesman shot on the contrary, stating a move such as this was tantamount to starving ourselves to infinite extinction. It turned out he had one more unfinished business for the day as he sadly announced to our shock that among us was an alien root, a representation and a door whose sole motive was to oust him and his scheduled long-range course. The next couple of months would serve as a major eye openers to these words.

And so as it turned out at the close of the day; pursuits in their numerousness do not all run on the same code. Hunger is common for all but diverse are the appetites. Of critical significance is what the respective quests are alive to as not all light is true light. I had always been puzzled by the relationship existing between sight and believing. I was interestingly learning now that some cravings are reminiscent to a bottomless pit. The more I see the more I want to see more and interestingly, the more darkened my vision becomes.

Truth calls for courage, almost all the time. It has no substitute. In the end when the line is drawn as definitely will be, the true at heart arise. Such are the light bearers destined in the blue print to make a difference. Then all falsehood will go as silent as the grave. For the cause is not at the mercies of the mortal but in the sure firm hold of he who is before all things. In whom all things hold together.

And so the day drew to a dramatic end. It might be accurate to say my greatest take away was simply: “Never underestimate the power of the stomach!”

©The Blazing Trail 2012

All rights reserved

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