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Rhyme of days

Reminiscent nerve centre

Fervently throbbing before all things

Live signal rends the air all land and sea

Saturating fashion gloriously overflowing to eternity

Consistency unmatched in time and essence infinitely cascading

©The Blazing Trail 2018


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Telling it as is in multi tense progression

Combs the nations in universal timeless flavor lavishing with pleasures evermore

Endless love beat captivates in sentimental ballad with no beginning nor end

Divine narrative endearing with personal touch unparalleled in essence and impact

Connecting dots in flawless pattern across history and geography

Meaning and purpose vividly painted in compelling eternal flame

Infallible prose articulated in intricate detail potent within

The book

©The Blazing Trail 2018


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Like a mighty wave of power triumphantly flowing above created order in its multiple spheres and shades

Sight stares curiously at emerging confounding reality radiating intensity that diminished not

Rises gloriously above limits of circumstance and all that’s feasible within logarithmic symmetrics

Like a stream of water magnificently flowing from infinite depths in a life-giving gush inward out

Life giving fountain discerned beyond pinnacles of cardinal senses in their penta static formation

Before time

Undisputedly greater

©The Blazing Trail 2017

It wells up

Universal priceless gem

Saturating celestial realm in dominant signature

Quench distinguished like no other


Of the sixth sense’ interpretation

It sparkles spectacular

From time undefined

To an end sprawling endlessly

Timeless mystery flow

From well

Of the old


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Dawn of sorts

Before all things

Within curious infinite space

Knowing no beginning

Nor end

Live spectacle

In the middle of no where

Within the dense of timelessness


Unknown to foundations

And definitions of all

Faith’s preserve


To the sixth sense

Reporting live




A time


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