Pinnacle 1

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Lights went out

Flare of emotion


Echoes of Ramah

Abated breath on impact

On the day Pinnacle of Bethlehem


Set out in motion

~ Continue reading “PINNACLE OF BETHLEHEM”

From Hero to Villain

I woke up that morning and there was the soul penetrating wall hanging with silver inscriptions: “He searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts,” read the untitled message with a golden microscope beside it. For some time this treasured decoration had remained obscured from my attention. Continue reading “From Hero to Villain”

The Diva From Phoenicia

“Next time wash your hands before you eat!” Alpha the Majestic remarked, visibly struggling to hide his agitation. His team burst out in a prolonged hearty laughter. His eyes narrowed as he appeared reflective for a moment. Members of his band exchanged curious glances. They were gradually getting accustomed to such moments that were becoming highlights of their daily schedule. Continue reading “The Diva From Phoenicia”

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