Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

No where but love

Guess I am captured

By the passion

Embraced within the Trail


Like the eagle I attempt to soar

Full gusto in thrust

Will make it past outer space if I can

High beyond radar’s scrutiny

Turns out I am drawing nigh

To the heartbeat source

Warmth inviting

Exercise in futility

I am captured

Irresistibly embraced

Within Trail essence


On second thought it seems most certain

Descend will do me the long sought favor

So I attempt to dive into the depths of the deep

Where no visual aid penetrates in ray frequency

Suddenly I realize I am playing right into the epicenter

Rainbow sparkles in throb

Seven shades drawing me in compassion

My fate sealed


And It dawns on me with a romantic touch of finality

I am deeply captured

No where to hide

East or west





Like no other

© The Blazing Trail 2013

All Rights Reserved

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