The Weather Forecast

“What’s the big deal anyway? Why are you so caught up in these narrow,minute intricacies of semantics? Nibbus or Nibbus is one and the same thing-we’re gonna have rain either way!” The agitated student blurted out, obviously aggrieved by the perceived lack of consideration by his seemingly nagging instructor.

The sudden outburst had caught all by surprise. The demo-student had been able to successfully and impressively so, spell out every letter of the dark, rain-bearing clouds but was totally unable to accurately pronounce the word! And that after a whole hour of trying!

“There is only one true pronunciation for this word,” explained the articulate and emphatic instructor as he steadily made his way to the front of the auditorium from the set: “Nimbus! Only this can bear the fruit destined for it. Remember, a very defining relationship exists between the fruit and the source. There can be no ignorance far as this dynamic is concerned. To be or not to be is directly linked to the source and its relationship to the vessel.

“Makes a huge difference friends,” continued a calm grammar instructor in what would be his farewell session before our scheduled graduation. Sometimes there exists a very thin line between extreme contrasts. This is at times true of the relationship between truth and deception. Better still between rainfall and the absolute lack of it. Beware of the treachery of the naked eye.You must continually bear in mind the difference lies neither in the appearance of the dark clouds, nor the typical strong currents often reminiscent to the tossing of the violent sea-waves that characterize their flamboyant presence.It lies in their content. Substance is either present or absent-period.” We sat motionless, our gazes unswervingly glued on him as he tactfully progressed.

“You must be vigilant to decipher truth from error by compellingly modeling the former, in the hope of anchoring the vulnerable, thirsty multitude. This will be a constant seldom highlighted challenge all the way. You must zealously endeavor thus to be conduits of the genuine dew- divine, for your sake and theirs alike. Make the difference. Be the difference. The onus is on you.“There must be no compromise in your attention to detail as you align the weather forecast in perspective. You have the manual! All having been said, yours is a clear call to bear rain in nourishing content. You must be that difference in-order to effectively counter and silence all that is false.

“Which brings me to what stands paramount through it all. It has me amazed beyond words that the buck stops with one man, whose cause has unstoppably continued to roar through the generations and so will continue till his rule has fully covered the whole earth. His government, displayed in a galaxy of radiant generals arrayed in authenticated breastplates and blazing swords endlessly procreates.

“His hands form a mighty basin in which all the waters of the sky rest. The Nibbus rage violently in rebellion against this true rain giver, stubbornly bent on their misguided quest to wrestle the lordship from his hold. In their own might they seek to prevail,taking head on the laid celestial order.At his breath, they are speedily scattered in their emptiness and exposed in the vanity of their duplicity.

“The Nimbus, his true representatives gallantly swirl in submission to his cause, endowed with his substance to bless and quench the deep thirst of the seeking multitudes; and to bring forth a sprouting of peace and virtue. He is before all things and in him all things hold together.The jungle lies still at the sound of his commanding roar.

“It baffles me beyond speech that He is the universal chief meteorologist, the master litmus besides whom no statistic shall hold water nor any mortal triumph by strength. The Nimbus momentarily shrink at the thunder of his command. Fully emptied, they must present themselves before the undisputed ruler of the universe for refueling. At the direction of his raised index finger, they swiftly flee from one geographical location to another to fulfill his desire to the latter, without delay. He is Alpha the Majestic.

The galactic ensemble lifts him up in spectacular fashion, the powerful echo of their cymbals resonating all across outer space.The epitome of all honor and majesty!He wraps himself in inexpressible brilliance that no naked eye can behold. All opposition melts at the gaze of his blazing eyes. Nothing is hidden from him. This is all too mind-boggling it’s taking my breath away. I’m unwilling to settle for anything less. There is nowhere else I’d rather be, nothing else I’d rather do, no one else I’d rather live for. I so desperately long to be just a small part of what he is doing today. I want it so bad I will die if I miss it.

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