Drums rumbling in a roll

Echo of the Cymbals fills the air with aura

Intense in presence

Violin tears decisively in to the air

Player and instrument united in bond so tight and true

As ensemble delights audience glued in wonder

From the horizon patterns ceaselessly rise and fall

Seasons scrolling past

In countless twists and intrigues

Variety numerous

Marvel of curious spectators from clear sea-shore

Sustained speculation borders on the when of the what

Or is it the how of the what when

Oh! There is where as well!

Underlying factors seem way beyond mortal’s control

Within the action packed drama displayed

There are no easy answers undeniably

And one gets the feeling it’s only a matter of time

Before the deadlock is broken

Until then

The plot thickens

Suspense spiraling

As mystery unfolds in progression

The Blazing Trail



©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved

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