I have a feeling

This strong inner sense

It’s about to rain

Babe beams radiant in potent glow

Smile akin intelligence feed classified

Expressing depth of the matter in silence

Calf’s tail runs amok in the open grassland

Expectancy reloaded

Wavy thick layers rapidly merging high above in preamble

Rumble of the season’s wonder

I get this feeling it’s going to rain


Giraffe towers high above in comprehensive scrutiny akin the weatherman’s

Relaying findings to flora and fauna all patiently lying low in eager wait

The lion’s deep growl confirms depth of unfolding matter

Imminence eminent

Suddenly thunder roars in herald

Cheetah lunges airborne

Resounding rejoinder in proclamation at spur

Lightning strikes in stunning advance party

Piercingly vivid beams

Tearing resolutely into the  hard shells enclosing the rain pockets in hostage

Nothing is left for chance in the radiant magnificent offensive

I feel the flood already welling up

Mighty torrent in making

I am like one smitten by love

And in need of specialists to explain what’s happening within me

They seem split in opinion

I am just not hearing the end of it

This one I know and it’s enough for me though:

I won’t be waking up from a dream

But to the stark reality:


Satiating every dry patch

Deluge nourishing

Soul drenching in inner fragrance

Reviving substance overwhelming

Preceding crop that must sprout in bounty

All across the land

Blossom of the season




In course and design

For he is before all things

And in him all things hold together!

©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved

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