Akin mystery of the screen saver

The posterior draws nigh

You know there is accompanying rich dew behind the nimbus

In spite of vivid contrast in state

You just can’t miss it in discernment




Portraying GSM in substance

Antitype and type proceed in thought digest

Damsel and bachelor gaily savoring memory lane in intense retrospect


Images of childhood pop up

Crystal clear in wake of the season

In earnest bid to reconnect they reflect

Fond memories of moments gone by embracing in curious potency

Immortality deciphered

Posterior at epicenter

Master fuel timeless

All this at the very heart of their carefree world and being then

When it was so easy to see

To touch

The posterior

In personal child-like behold


Spot like no other


Signor and señorita are in agreement

Knight and the shepherd too

Peasant and royalty are not left out in the pact either

Cheetah and snail nod in unison of heart

On the prominent presence

Driving each of their crafted domains in set

Behind the veil of what’s visible in assembly

Source informing respective components to the latter

In origin, course and destination

Grand posterior

Before all things

Behind today’s screen saver

Yet to come to the fore

Spectacular in fashion

When all is said and done


©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved

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