The shades of rainbow

Gliding past

Before my eyes

Visual grandeur

Diversity displayed



In hue the plot thickens

Sparkle and glow in neon aura

I count up to seven

And the picture completes

With the promise contained therein

The shades of rainbow


They tell me stories

Yesterday, today and tomorrow captured

Incredible merge of unity

Synchrony in amazing detail

I helplessly linger right into the thick of night

Rising at pre dawn in hot pursuit



Fascination beyond measure

Somebody please take a firm hold of me

Or I will explode on impact

At the face of rainbow shades


They paint pictures

Glorious in depiction

Captivating at sight

Beyond comprehension

Explanation too

Infinity of progression

Cross parameter in perspective…

Healing to my heart

Balm in solace

Hope to my eyes

Flicker in renewal

Strength to my limbs

As I stride in reach out

To behold the promise encapsulated

In the rainbow shades


It’s the magic there lies in between

Radiant red blazing

And the tranquility of violet

Divine royale

That tells it all

Just as it is

As it was and better still will be

Setting it apart from the rest

I’m on galactic flight


On an all important mission

Intensely compelling

Joy over bubbling

Wind beneath my wings

Feeling like no other

Oh! Waited for this all my life

I must touch the magnificent mystery

Touch it for myself

To feel how it feels

Just to know how it is

To secure transference of substance within

Even just a pinch of it

And narrate in song heartfelt sentiments of encounter

Hidden deep inside of me

Encounter extraordinaire

With the shades of The Rainbow!

©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved

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