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Something akin to the ear of the beholder

Echoes of strums along the solfa notation intricate

They resonate within the harmonious scale in their multitudes of genre

Melting the heart in a dazzling unified pulse glowing

Hope towers high beyond the skies

Merging finite with immortality in blend peculiar

Overflowing with love


Captured within the favorite song

Filling the airwaves


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Residence hallowed

Epicenter overflowing with divine presence

And might

Spark of sight restored in hope

Drawing strength for tomorrow

Mystery of still showcased

Peace flows like a river in overwhelming torrents

Touch of grace quenching intense thirst

From core of the soul

All things made new in glowing sheen

Within the sound

Of music


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It gets

Better by the phase

Bliss along fast lane zoom

Receding mundane dimming in effect

Horizons expectantly arise in rapid cascade

Like showers of joy outpouring


Just after

The modulation spurt


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Overwhelming in intensity

Sentimental bliss

So warm


And true

Defying every shade of elastic limit


A love so selflessly giving

The father’s love


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Glorious spectacle

Live divine magnificence

It dazzles

Stunning brilliance displaying

Destiny convergence

Eternal nerve Centre

Eye deeply sighs

 Desperate plea to manage a clear glance


Like a high voltage domain


By the twenty

Plus four


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