10/06/2013 — 2 Comments

He wounds round the last bend in spectacular fashion

Grand home stretch in age consummation

Aerial, land and sea secured in domain

Sash of gold decorates his chest

Head white in mystique

Like the sight of snow

Divine echo fills the field at the sound of bronze

Marking stride in advance remarkable

Feet approaching

Furnace glow in perspective

The sound of mighty rushing waters reverberates all around

Filling cross generational circumference with awe

His eyes blaze with the brilliance of furnace in pierce

Inexpressible wonder greets the seven seas

Inhabitants yonder inclusive

They chorus in unison

Mouthpiece transmitting

In search for answers


A voice is heard at Langley

Akin to distress call

Like the groan of one seeking with urgent intent

Best of the best gather in assembly

Deep calling to deep in earnest zest to fathom mystery embodied

In formidable phenomena

Brilliant in distinction

Rapidly approaching toward unparalleled Climax

Suddenly time strikes in gridlock

Puzzled glances exchange in surrender

Realization of the inevitable

Event concealed before time

Wonder unraveling steady

The conclusion that had to be

Just as he knew it would be

Before all things!

┬ęThe Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved

2 responses to WONDER OF LANGLEY


    Hasta donde he podido interpretar con el traductor, me ha parecido un bello escrito.
    Te deseo una hermosa jornada de martes.


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