The vital city woke up to an unusually eventful morning. Drama had for the last two years been simmering toward an all time climax following the exultant entry of Alpha the Majestic in the vast continent. Curious citizenry milled around news vendor stands to catch a glimpse of the flashy headlines from the dailies. Business was booming within the numerous exotic city restaurants as the early risers comprising  of the middle class mainly drowned their hot cup of tea, engrossed in emotive conversation. Hundreds of the city workforce held in  a historic morning traffic jam followed proceedings via FM stations afforded in their vehicles.

A sizeable crowd was gathering around the main public transport terminus, the focal point being the local paparazzi, evidently in spewing mode.

Meanwhile, on the Eastern suburbs of the city the developing story was rapidly gaining momentum in epicenter. National security apparatus were bracing themselves for any eventuality, having definitively sealed off the zone.

“Who are these guys?!” Shouted a uniformed cab operator from somewhere close to the rear at the terminus.

“It seems DOD has made contact with the USS Cyclops!”

“Sharks!” Came an amplified chorus.

“That’s a century ago, chief archaeologist!” Shouted the cab driver, his sarcasm biting.

“Exactly the point!” Continued the news man, his gusto unmatched. “Wait till you hear who’s responsible.”

The silence threatened to eclipse the expansive city in a  mighty wave, its prominent status accompanying.

“We are involved with a rather weird breed of mermaids!”

“How outrageous! Out of your mind is what you are!”

The entire terminus erupted in chaotic burst as the crowd attempted to process the seemingly ridiculous development.

“Let’s put it this way buddy,” replied the reporter, his right hand on the telescopic zoom lens of his tool.

“Details are emerging we have made contact with the three hundred plus crew aboard Cyclops. Their captors-I mean the mermaids are yet to state their demands. This is a highly classified situation by the way. As you may already be aware we have a huge military presence at the East; source of the distress signal. ” He paused for a moment in a deliberate move to drive his point home.

“Any time now special forces will be moving in.”

“You mean the triangle? Are you serious?!” Exclaimed a female member of the audience visibly in utter shock.

“What are you talking about?!” Retorted a young man in his mid twenties in the company of some fiery looking youthful lot. He rubbed his hands together in trying to warm himself up.

“Oh! I can’t believe I’m listening to this!” Protested an elderly woman, her hands blocking her ears. “I need to get out of here pronto!”

There is danger equating knowledge with experience. On that all defining moment when D-Day comes knocking, not a shred of mask will rescue, for the stage is all set for a do or die duel.

“Don’t try this at home!”

When The Blazing Trail returns…

©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved


    1. Thea, I’m so flattered-thanks. I sometimes ask myself the same question. Let’s just say, the answer lies hidden somewhere in the Trail. I hope to get to the bottom of it somehow…and hope to see you there! You’ve made my day. Kind regards.


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