“Beware of the mystery spot that enjoins motive and conscience; More important, the enclave that encapsulates the duo. For…fff…f.” He paused, indicating progress with a gentle nod, desperately gasping for breath, his left fist tightly clenched.

“For what goes around must come around – no matter where you go, or how long it takes. Virtue is a big one. Priceless. Prominently and profoundly so. The Civilization with accompanying breathtaking advancements is devoid of both expertise and tool to uproot her. In the end, she defiantly and magnificently prevails.”  He paused again, eyes staring with exhaustion, this time barely managing to let out a word, his radiant middle age face contorting with pain. He briefly and uneventfully slid his hand inside his pants.

A somber mood eclipsed the room. No one wanted to look at the other. We all sensed what was about to happen.

“Defend virtue with all you’ve got. Circumstances will not always befit and there is no guarantee merry will mark your returns-not if you look at it on near sight. Yet, still defend her all the way; for Legend has a cost, so is substance  contained in the ideals of Legacy. We all desire both and you know it’s a path reserved for the brave at heart. The wheel of destiny will inevitably orbit into your sphere, your fate to seal, then you will be grateful that while you had opportunity you set yourself up for greatness, or equally sad you robbed yourself of the crown…and ignorance is no excuse.

“Motive-Conscience cuddled in the enclave!” One could not miss the glow on his face. His prolonged silence got us all the more uneasy. One wished to vanish in thin air.

“You’ve got to see beyond the ensnaring deceptions of the screen savers, for while they mislead you to think it’s about the other person, they are slowly revealing you. It’s really about you…all about you! You understand it best when the wheel of destiny finally comes knocking and you know the pathway to yours or the relegation therein will be charted by how entrapped or free of the screen savers you lived! At that point, one can only watch as the enclave cracks wide open and the details lain bare.There are many reasons it’s inevitable, most important because he is before all things and in him all things hold together!”

The Blazing Trail Continues…

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