Continued from last week’s  ‘Elephants Drinking Water…’

“To one long-merry-raidy life! Can you believe it? There’s no breaking camp until month end!” The jubilation soared up the skies with romp and pomp.

“Wow! You’re looking just fine raider boy!” Someone shouted back from a few meters away.

“The government pays you lots of money to feed us with useful intelligence Gwartz, not relics on dinosaurs and star wars.” Larry maintained his sustained onslaught.


“It’s really strange. There is something hanging in the air tonight, haunting our camp. It reminiscences of power…with mind-boggling intensity. How I wish I could concretely lay a finger on it and dispel the uncertainty it casts on us. Indomitable! Not quite…not us, for something hangs in the air tonight…trumpets, galloping, charioteers and wheels of fire! That’s how I know not quite indomitable.”

A dense silence greeted his remarks. There was no doubt the fear engulfing him was contiguously beginning to rub on his listeners. The landscape was outlined with sparkly bonfires gracefully dancing with the gentle evening breeze under the clear starry evening sky as the partying raiders, oblivious of the demons haunting Mcgwarthy indulged with no restraint. The glowing skyline hinted at a rising giant ball beneath.


“The sting of a siege, what could one possibly compare it with?! And what a way to begin our year.” The first of the quartet jokingly commented!

“Better still, to end our lives! It’s been real guys, added number two. The saddest part about it is knowing we will never have the chance to stage our live début on National TV.”

“The quartet…no more! So it’s true, dreams belong to dreamland, where they come true!” The third of the lot spoke in a somber mood, grimacing as a hunger pang clawed deep. His heartfelt emotion could instantaneously floor a jumbo elephant.

“Ah! That song! Just swept over my mind.” Exclaimed the last of the quartet in a soft tone that left no doubt to his friends the effort to preserve whatever meager energy there remained was mutual.

“What song?!”

“This one on weakness and strength.”

“I wonder what you’re driving at pal! This is no time for one of those optimistic spurts of yours. Truly we are beyond elastic limit. See that?” Second pointed at the numerous fire balls illuminating the wilderness before them.

“That’s power, my brother-the definitive show of might. That for your information makes us a sorry version of weakness. The linguists are yet to get the appropriate definition for us because at this moment in time we stand as a phenomenal disgrace to the very word: Weakness!

“Our very own revered Nation before whom we are crowned as the ultimate mark of disgrace dares not respire from the North-East-West and South spheres for the fear of provoking the wrath of the indomitable foe. That’s how you behold the distinction between power and weakness, when you understand how far apart they show in contrast. It’s a picture that places you right where you belong.”

The Blazing Trail returns for the conclusion…


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