Continued from “The Besieged Quartet”

“Our very own revered Nation and dreaded defense force before whom we are the ultimate mark of disgrace dares not respire for the fear of provoking the wrath of the foe. That’s how you behold the distinction between power and weakness, when you understand how far apart they stand in contrast. It’s a picture that places you right where you belong.”


First nodded gently in a pensive mood. Second’s sentiments seemed to have torn right into the quartet’s conscience. They quietly held hands in a curve as they absorbed in the intimidating spectacle distantly glistening before them in an emphatic show of might. Oppressive. Dominant. Terminal.

“…That’s power, my brother-power.”

“…That’s how you behold the distinction between power and weakness, when you understand how far apart they stand in contrast.”

“…It’s a picture that places you right where you belong.”

The riveting flashbacks played in Last’s mind with startling vividness.

“Best of the best vs worst of worst!” Is what this looks like to me, Third interjected in an emotion akin to conviction.

“Neat my brother-and what a mismatch! You’re glowing at the frontier in spite of the crisis. I’m impressed, I must add.” Added Second in a tone bordering at a hum.

“I can’t believe someone just described me as worst!” First blurted out, seemingly irritated.

The quartet laughed, maintaining the grip at each other’s hand. A brief silence ensued as a gentle evening breeze cordially enveloped them in what seemed to be a curious embrace. They deeply inhaled the life-giving essence in a momentous lease of life that seemed to blind them from the brazen sight before them and numb the hunger pangs mercilessly ravaging their core.

“Let’s make it real this once!” First burst forth with energy.

“Our debut let’s make it happen tonight, as we breathe our last-how consoling! We will sing, march and dance in rhythm from weakness to strength…weakness to strength…from weakness to strength! Hopefully, a reception party will be awaiting us on the other end to crown our debut or translate us to the next life! It’s headed either way.

“For he has stretched out his potent right hand, swallowing up foe to the person, lovingly guiding and leading kin, til the day is done.”

“Wait-wait-wait-wait! Someone get me my timbrel!” Third interjected bubbling with excitement.

“Such an incredible moment,” Last cut in. “Dancing, singing, marching, from weakness to strength…trumpets, galloping, charioteers and wheels of fire! Swallowed underneath, never to surface again, for he is before all things.”

They gaily made a steady approach to the enemy’s base, the camp fire flames beckoning at them. Synergy at its best, the quartet was resolute zeroing in on target, in a triumphant forge that would break the long-standing deadlock, making the year start one to remember in a dawn that would redefine the law of numbers.

“Seems like our year is starting in style after all!”  Observed First.

There was not a single soul on sight, nor a reception party to crown their debut. Just tents, loaded!


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