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Revolving around the four winds of the sphere

Showcasing best of the best preserve of the chosen score minus one

The world follows with bated breath amid epic display rapidly unfolding

Unpredictable turns and twists exhilarate at optimum range intensely captivating

Raw passion oozing from deep innate spectacle veiled within the live universal pulse

Peak of inspiration imparting at sight and vision courtesy masterpiece galore exclusive

┬ęThe Blazing Trail 2018

Residence hallowed

Epicenter overflowing with divine presence

And might

Spark of sight restored in hope

Drawing strength for tomorrow

Mystery of still showcased

Peace flows like a river in overwhelming torrents

Touch of grace quenching intense thirst

From core of the soul

All things made new in glowing sheen

Within the sound

Of music


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Down the hill and up the mountain

Through dense of the highlands to the elaborate expanse of the Savannah

Deep of the waters resonates with echelons uncharted high above

It holds still

Common thread running through them all in their numerous diversity

Undying unifying pulse endlessly beaming

Seeking to secure the earth in ultimate glorious submerge

Resilient resolve distinctly displayed in statement

Because hope

Never dies


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20/10/2014 — 5 Comments

Down the road


Fraternity within the trail


Making ride worth the while

Strength is renewed

Refreshing streams

Sweeping over

Seeping through

Soul refreshing

Burden spreads along the file

Across human perimeter

Sweet melody reverberating




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10/02/2014 — 2 Comments

They light up the field in amazing display

Ecstatic crowd beside self in elation

Ultimate mark of discipline arrayed in package


And nostalgia grips all watching


That subtle sense of self


Across terrace

Reflected on the kinetic score

Minus one

In the field

Action zone

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