Of the music

Climax in style

Your soul be enriched

With a sweet scent of fulfilment 

May divine horizons gloriously beckon

From where we stand top of the octave 

And may your heart crescendo with a symphony of praise 

Signalling a notch higher in transition in spite of it and through it all

© The Blazing Trail 2021


Revolving around the four winds of the sphere

Showcasing best of the best preserve of the chosen score minus one

The world follows with bated breath amid epic display rapidly unfolding

Unpredictable turns and twists exhilarate at optimum range intensely captivating

Raw passion oozing from deep innate spectacle veiled within the live universal pulse

Peak of inspiration imparting at sight and vision courtesy masterpiece galore exclusive

©The Blazing Trail 2018


Residence hallowed

Epicenter overflowing with divine presence

And might

Spark of sight restored in hope

Drawing strength for tomorrow

Mystery of still showcased

Peace flows like a river in overwhelming torrents

Touch of grace quenching intense thirst

From core of the soul

All things made new in glowing sheen

Within the sound

Of music


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Down the hill and up the mountain

Through dense of the highlands to the elaborate expanse of the Savannah

Deep of the waters resonates with echelons uncharted high above

It holds still

Common thread running through them all in their numerous diversity

Undying unifying pulse endlessly beaming

Seeking to secure the earth in ultimate glorious submerge

Resilient resolve distinctly displayed in statement

Because hope

Never dies


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Down the road


Fraternity within the trail


Making ride worth the while

Strength is renewed

Refreshing streams

Sweeping over

Seeping through

Soul refreshing

Burden spreads along the file

Across human perimeter

Sweet melody reverberating




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They light up the field in amazing display

Ecstatic crowd beside self in elation

Ultimate mark of discipline arrayed in package


And nostalgia grips all watching


That subtle sense of self


Across terrace

Reflected on the kinetic score

Minus one

In the field

Action zone

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“Your name again?” He momentarily fidgeted at his seat struggling to stay composed in the face of the unusual transmission via intercom in the situation room. Continue reading “SNAKES AND LADDERS!”



Something spectacular

Dazzlingly magnificent


Almost always happens

At the count of three! Continue reading “AT THE COUNT OF THREE!”

“IT’S A 360!”

On the day The Blazing Trail marks her first Birthday, here’s to say thanks to you all for your heartfelt support this eventful year. There were many potato moments…burgonya, krumpuli, papas, blue/purple berries (how I long to hear some more!); countless insights, profound moments of interaction and learning experiences in the year that was. The moments of laughter were hilarious in particular…unforgettable! Thanks for the inspiration depicted in your resilience that made me believe with each new day I would make it through.To each one of my friends, critics, followers, visitors and admirers, thank you.Thank you for all. You’ve been my 2012 wow moment! I dedicate this day to you.

It’ s back where I started from. As I look forward I can only say I do so with a great sense of optimism in the spirit of a shared passion montaged from each one of those beautiful smiles that underlines the unique community we are! Please stay on, keep it real and shining. I have been at a loss finding the  one word that could simply and vividly paint the picture for this year so if any one of you out there has some insights, pls come to my rescue…and lace it with a potato moment while at it! If you have an unforgettable moment or post for this year, do share the link with us. I wish to accept a few awards in marking this wonderful day. 

Thank you George for nominating me for the Tell Me ABOUT YourSelf AwArD.  Tell me About Yourself Award. You will find great substance and inspiration in George.

1.Thank the person who nominated you!

2.Tell Seven things about yourself that you haven’t shared yet :

  1. Our wedding Anniversary falls on December 18th!
  2. It’s a decade this year since the passing on of my great grandmo’ ; a mentor,family champion and wellspring of grace.
  3.  Injustice breaks my heart
  4. Horse riding is such a fascination for me
  5. I love to reflect
  6. Presidential motorcades amaze me
  7. December is my favorite month

3. Nominate 7 bloggers.

Līgo Circle of Appreciation

Thank you Teju for this fantastic recognition. Feels really special joining the circle. If anyone needed to read something that will leave them really exhilarated, then Teju’s About page will do you some justice!

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A great blog is something which  inspires hope, is about people and is real.

I share this recognition  with the following:

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Iam most thankful  to will be captivated by her poetry) for nominating me for my first Blog of the Year 2012’ Award and to meiro  (her touch of ambiance coupled with thoughtful pieces will draw you to linger longer) for nominating me for the second and third, in addition to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and the Sunshine Blogger Awards which have generously dotted my award trail this year.

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“A big part of me feels so much at peace,” Tower picked up. “Our remarkably industrious quest through the centuries…generations, numerous intricate details involved. It was him all along wasn’t it?! All about him…so near yet so far away. Her light chuckle echoed the heart of one lost in intense wonder. He is finally here! Feels like being released from a spell. I wonder what took him so long!”

“What’s going on here? Who exactly is this child? Someone please explain to me!” Pillar blurted out in frustration.

“This King!” Sky scrapper interjected impatiently.

“Child…Fine a child King…King…Child! Whatever!” he pulled violently at his reins, staggering his animal. “Goodness! I feel so small! I have to see to believe! He better have a crown on his head when I get there! I’m serious!”

“I will never forget that murderous look through the king’s eyes,” said Tower. “Then his face. It mirrored something…like it wasn’t really him. For a moment he appeared to me as a vessel, one representing a reality way beyond what we can see. I mean think about it, toddlers don’t run palaces. He will be probably dead by the time the young one makes it to teenage.”

“We are not hearing the end of this intuition drift are we? Guess you just made a big point there though. It’s a big paradox this one. Come to think of it. The child represents a reality way beyond as well. Exactly what happens when two worlds collide. We guys are of course right at the centre of it. And that’s almost by fate. This child is destined for greatness thus, right? I hope when my wife goes on labor, it’s to usher in a daughter!” The prolonged laughter reverberated on the hills across the plains.

“There is something peacefully good about this celestial wonder. A securely anchored destination factor that just by the look of it tells you it will be okay for every eye illuminated with its substance. Some rise to be part of the wandering motion, some to join the shooting league. This one has risen with a difference. My intuition tells me it has a destination, working with an end in sight from the beginning. That sets it apart from any other known star from the constellations in the millions of their galaxies.”

“God bless your intuition Tower!” spoke a much calmer Pillar.

Sky scrapper sighed heavily, staring thoughtfully into the sky, his tone gently oozing authority and great conviction. “I am advanced in years and grateful to the heavens for the opportunity to witness this glorious culmination before I am on my way to the other side. What an honor. You all hopefully have lots of time in your hands. Strive earnestly in your ambition to find your definition, meaning and significance within this star, child or king whichever works for you. You will be wise indeed if you heed. Your onus.

©2012 The Blazing Trail

All rights reserved

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Best wishes for the season

The Blazing Trail

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