We rejoice in the wonderful gift of a new year, praise be to our risen, soon returning King. May He clothe you with Faith & Courage and may you march forth to lay hold of all the promises He has in store for you–to the latter.  May you be mighty in Spirit. And may you victoriously soar with wings as an eagle to a Dream Come True 2022, in every respect of it – Amen!

But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved (Heb 10: 39).


There is the sound of rain! Be of good cheer, for the Lord has overcome. Let love, faith and courage prevail in every situation and may you never doubt that He is on your side and fighting for you. May He open doors for you, restore and renew you. May you thrive in divine exploits beyond your ability and dream and may His flame of hope and joy abound within you and all that concerns you. Happy New 2021!

The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is His name (Exod 15:3)

©The Blazing Trail 2021



Fresh breath

Flowing down from above

Overflows with new mercies

Fuel for the new three sixty plus

Laid out in inevitable itinerary loaded

Expectation peaks in myriad of possibility and golden promise

Carved upon fresh start definitively dawning

©The Blazing Trail 2020




All over again

Eventful lap grinding to a halt

New resolutions glamorously unveil

Amid myriad backdrop gracefully fading off

Stereo clicks punctuate safety belt routine procedure

Glorious transition building up in magnificent crescendo closing the decade

Setting stage for a thrilling encounter cascading forth within romp and pomp set along runway nostalgic

©The Blazing Trail 2019



New three sixty

Plus five unfolding

Reminiscent top of the hour spark

Hope wells up in rapid optimistic thrill

Overflowing from roll of the live preamble

©The Blazing Trail 2019


There have been highlights

And low moments through the stretch eventful

Dawn is slowly fading in amid glorious sunset descending

Bidding farewell in nostalgic fashion intensely overwhelming

Drum rolls punctuating the last few hours in hope filled crescendo

©The Blazing Trail 2018


When the sun comes round the horizon in grand start

Rays of new promise shining radiantly in resilient pulse

Renewed hope rises within in glorious overflow refreshing

Not even the sky limits what could be in magnificent opportunity cascade

Rejuvenated echoes resounding in brand new signature

©The Blazing Trail 2018



With renewed purpose and breakthrough, may the day sparkle brighter by and by;

Dense of the dusk melt effortlessly with renewed hope and promise glowing rapidly from the heart

May stairway of unprecedented opportunity surmount every challenge in accelerating spiral

That with  lots of joy and laughter energizing the long haul; its turns and winds –  anticipated and not, in studious tow

May the best of annums assemble to gloriously bequeath favor and victory in peculiar fashion

Overflowing specially in choice bountiful measure

Now that another dawn has come

©The Blazing Trail 2018


The Lord fill you bountifully with His Holy Spirit and crown you with the very best of His favor and fruit. May the sun shine brighter by the day in breakthrough; the moon glow radiantly in renewed hope transitioning to glorious dawn. May you tangibly experience the true taste of joy and divine victory as the Lord displays His Power and Majesty on your behalf. And may this be the best year of your life yet!

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes” (Isaiah 54:2).

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