Subtly countered

Riding on adversity

Stakes rocketed to the peak

Heaven and earth locked in contest

Cardinal face off in two world collide

Eternally defining spectacle unfolding

Savage onslaught within time and space

Divine rescue strode on in gallant resilience

Shinning hope with stunning brilliance forward

Subduing the desert intercept in resounding triumph

Faith’s virtuous last laugh over sight’s formidable mortal appeal

© The Blazing Trail 2020


Of the increase of his Dominion there shall be no end…for the whole earth will be filled with his glory as the waters cover the sea…

The Pioneer rubbed his eyes with intensity in the wee hours of the morning as he gently lowered his receiver back on the hook. He reached for his bed side switch as he slowly but compellingly slid off his warm bed sheets in the warm radiance now glowing through the entire room. He sat up and down for a moment in a pensive mood. Continue reading “THE SOS FROM GREECE!”

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