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Life giving

Driving underlying current

Story within story

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Of the increase of his Dominion there shall be no end…for the whole earth will be filled with his glory as the waters cover the sea…

The Pioneer rubbed his eyes with intensity in the wee hours of the morning as he gently lowered his receiver back on the hook. He reached for his bed side switch as he slowly but compellingly slid off his warm bed sheets in the warm radiance now glowing through the entire room. He sat up and down for a moment in a pensive mood. Continue Reading…

…Once again i acknowledge you all fellow bloggers for your tremendous support.This party rocks! I’m grateful for the memorable interactive moments and wish each one of you nothing short of the very best.This celebration is really for you!

I was still reeling with effect from last week’s quartet( when Anni suddenly made it penta and that in her first nomination ever! Wishing you all the best my friend in your global cause and as you continue to make your significant contribution within the wonderful Blogging Community.

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