Bull’s Eye!

Alpha was reflective as he walked down the mountain that beautiful summer morning. “This is the day!” He sighed in contemplation. His band would be joining him anytime now. He admired the beautiful scenery coloring the green slopes of the mountain as he inhaled deeply from the fresh breeze gently sweeping across his face. Underneath the veil of the day lay a great unfolding reality. A closely guarded secret. He knew from the bottom of his heart this day would be like none other.

Slick the intricate was up in arms as he vented on his renegades. “Enough! Enough! I’ve had enough of this! This carpenter! You have to find a way of silencing or eliminating him, whichever comes first!”

“You don’t understand master!” Came a desperate plea.

“What do you mean understand? This is my last warning to you. I am Slick! Did you hear me? I understand all things!” The reprimand was cacophonous.

“He is too intelligent, too slippery. His light is blinding our eyes. He is defying every trick in the book. We’ve never seen anything like this! He has simply slipped through our fingers as if we didn’t exist! And should I add? All this with no apologies! It’s incomparably frustrating! Exasperating! Name it!” Came a sustained protest from one of the most senior renegades, causing a brief affirmative stir among all present save for the defiant Slick who remained unimpressed.

“A lot is at stake for all of us if we let him continue with this crusade, don’t you see?” An angry slick retorted, his tone filled with contempt. “All indications seem to suggest today will be his unveiling. A big announcement is certainly underway. Do you understand what that means?”

“You understand all things master”, interrupted the renegade who had spoken first, causing the whole place to erupt in a wild violent laughter. “I see!” Slick sarcastically muttered before proceeding with his initial line of thought. “We haven’t been able to contain him, alone. What happens if we allow his contagious fire to catch on the trail of his adherents following his planned unveiling? They disgust me, all of them!” Slick shook violently, his fists tightly clenched.

“We have to stop this, whatever it costs. Go in and cause confusion in his camp. Mute every one, incite everyone, everything. Ensure he stands alone. You must not allow him to be inaugurated. I want you to keenly mark his favorite lieutenant. The one he loves.”

“What about the spokesman master?”

“Forget about that noisy embodiment of instability,” snorted a disgruntled slick. He is too wobbly to be trusted with an event of this magnitude. You can’t afford to take chances though. You never know. He has a way with words. I’m however doubtful anything significant will be coming through him. The one he loves! That’s the one you have to closely watch.”Slick’s eyes were burning with rage and staring intently as he wound up his debrief. “The day of reckoning!” He growled.

Alpha and his entourage were headed north. He paused not far from the Syrian border and engaged his band in a discussion. It was a deep searching moment. He sought from them what the people’s opinion regarding his identity was. He keenly listened as varying ideas were brought forth. He took note all of them were involving the dead. “Not yet!” He thought to himself. Confusion was still rife among the masses on his identity.

“What about you?” His band lingered in apprehension. They understood Alpha had lately been under great duress from his detractors. They wondered if it was finally beginning to take its toll on him. Was he going through an identity crisis at his breaking point? There was a lull of uncertainty within the group as Alpha’s eyes met each one of them in an intense searching moment. Suddenly, without warning, the spokesman jubilantly exclaimed:

“You are the one! The chosen one! The anointed one! The living one! The desire of the ages and Nations. The mystery revealed. You are before all things and in you all things hold together. Of the increase of your government and peace there shall be no end. Your cause will be unstoppable all the way, as it has been all along. This day we behold you in your beauty, righteousness and splendor. To you belong all praise, all power, all glory, majesty, dominion and honor even forever more.” The spokesman animatedly rose to a sharp crescendo in child like abandon, threatening to soar into the heavens in flight.

There was joy as the band broke into euphoria of shouts, joy and exultation. They tightly held together in triumph. Slick and his entire establishment were on a swift flight scattering from Alpha’s formidable presence, quivering in terror. Heaven burst out in awesome applause as a proclamation momentarily came through: “We are live on air! Real time!” Media houses were on a captivating frenzy as normal transmissions were interrupted to air live the breaking news.

Thrones shook and Nations watched in awe as Alpha was revealed in a glorious public spectacle. The king of the jungle robustly roared in acknowledgement as the eagles filled the clear blue sky with magnificent patterns in salute. The sharks blazed through the deep seas in astounding resonance.

“I tell you the truth,” declared Alpha to his fired up team. “You speak on a direct signal from heaven. And on this cardinal domain I will establish my house. The counter attacking forces of doubt, speculation, confusion, deception, guessing, conspiracies, uncertainty, counterfeits, probability and sabotage already doing their rounds, with more yet to come will be no match for it. This is the real deal friends. You must stand firm until my passion is fully established, till my glory has covered the earth, till every captive has been set free and the fullness of life and joy abounds. As sure as there is day and night, the full force of heaven will be at your disposal, until the day is decisively done.”


©The Blazing Trail 2012
All rights reserved

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