He roars in wonderous glorious cascade

Saturated in awe of prominence unparalleled

Hi voice

Like the sound of many waters

He rides in spectacular fashion

Adorned in royal golden sash mystifying

His eternal sight mirrored through blazing eyes wonder-filled

From behind the veil of a finite age speedily scrolling past

Galaxies exclaim alongside celestial hosts in their multitudes

Hailing His excellency

The one

Before all things


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Amid what seemingly over saturated as anti-climax

Hope shook overwhelmingly

Hanging beneath dense cloud cover projecting myriad of perplexities

Silver lining sparkled from a distance

Silver glow heralding

Someone coming


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Bull’s Eye!

Alpha was reflective as he walked down the mountain that beautiful summer morning. “This is the day!” He sighed in contemplation. His band would be joining him anytime now. He admired the beautiful scenery coloring the green slopes of the mountain as he inhaled deeply from the fresh breeze gently sweeping across his face. Underneath the veil of the day lay a great unfolding reality. A closely guarded secret. He knew from the bottom of his heart this day would be like none other. Continue reading “Bull’s Eye!”

The Epitome

There was a major stir within the royal courts as the flamboyant contingent of luminaries blazed through for the exit. The city was on high alert following news just in. State officials, military and intelligence chiefs were making their way to the first house for an emergency priority meeting .Word was already rife within the echelons of power the Nation was at the verge of a state of emergency. Continue reading “The Epitome”

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