The One!

“Fiction! Lies! Vanity! Fantasy! And Superstition!” Joe the seeker groaned in anguish, frustration and loneliness biting deep. No amount of careful searching could yield any relief in his prolonged search for the perfect answer. He looked over the expansive garden. Not even the dominion bestowed upon him, could attempt to satisfy. He was in great distress.

Alpha the Majestic was moved with great compassion at the sight before his eyes. He painstakingly watched Joe vainly wandering to and fro. He could no longer endure the scene. He walked towards his exceptionally magnificent laboratory. The door had a bold gold inscription: “Access Denied! Alpha the Majestic Exclusive!”

The inside was arrayed with a vast range of unique apparatus. A magnificent white ray of light shone brightly from the ceiling, filling the room with such veneration. A broad smile shone on his face as he firmly held his surgery kit. It had the distinctive silver inscription: “Not for human eyes!” He logged in his secret code and watched it steadily open, revealing a rare display of surgical instruments. He took his time to meticulously pan across the contents. Having confirmed every piece was in place, he closed it. Alpha majestically walked towards the exit.

Joe sat under the vine, his knees folded and head raised towards the sky, lamenting over his misery. Many thoughts were playing in his mind. He blamed himself for not trying hard enough, for giving up a bit too early and for lacking the creativity to pull it off. He thought he was probably too choosy. He wondered what he could have done differently.
His anxious mode was probably the reason he remained oblivious of Alpha approaching from behind. He gently placed his palm at the back of his head and Joe immediately knew whom it was as a wave of in explainable peace gloriously flooded him. He lingered in the presence for a while as his eyes began to close and gradually slumbered.
The animal fraternity in the garden was a burst of activity as the species, in their drones quickly gathered down the valley for an urgent meeting convened by the chimpanzees that early Friday evening. The lone agenda was on leadership succession. It was reported a mysterious phenomena had slain Joe their ruler, apparently due to poor leadership and so the chimpanzees were fronting themselves as the de facto leaders of the establishment. This fuelled a lot of speculation and mixed emotions among all present as the discussions went on late into the night. They took turns visiting the vine where Joe lay, keenly monitoring the ensuing aftermath. As dusk set in, news broke out a frightful glorious light had enveloped the entire area, making it a no go zone.
It was a tiring infinite race in the middle of nowhere. Joe knew he had come to the end of himself. He raised his voice in a spirited cry for help. He felt a cool breeze sweep over him, bringing a much-needed sense of relief.

He saw the animals gather together in joyful occasion. “That’s the farm!” He thought to himself. How he missed it. The scenery was a rich shade of green so catchy and inviting he was instantaneously hungry. A great event was in the making. The birds were freely flattering in marvelous patterns across the clear Saturday morning sky, gloriously singing chirpy tunes, with the squirrels sweetly whistling, their fore limbs tightly clasped.

The elephants were bouncing on with grandiosity, right on schedule as the lions executively pawed forth in twos, stealing the show in a spectacular fashion. The chimpanzees crossed their fingers, filled with awe as they skeptically watched from the luxuriant tree tops. The herbs swung gracefully in dance, under the fresh tune of the tender morning breeze, adding such an incredible flavor to the blossom of the many, sweetly scented flower species.

Suddenly there appeared what seemed to be a walkway, generously adorned with pomp. It was followed by a veiled sign with the word ‘Favour’ in silver which began to glide down the walkway. He could hear the sound of a saxophone in the background. There was silence as all the animals rose to their feet on impact, with the chimpanzees saluting in concession.

“Wow! Who’s that?! Alpha?!” Joe could hardly contain his curiosity. “Favour! Favour! Favour! Where on earth is my amplified dictionary?!” He subconsciously muttered to himself as the sign dazzlingly became more visible. There was a slight tinge to his left just below the heart. Every eye watched in awe. The chimpanzees exchanged quick anxious glances. The sign came to a halt close to the end of the walkway. It had a long outstanding trail behind it. The presence within it was reminiscent a human’s. Just then, Joe turned his eyes. Standing at the spot where the vine was supposed to have been was Alpha, directly facing the sign. He noticed the white-collar around his neck and the exceedingly cordial smile on his face.

Alpha gave a soft nod to Favour who graciously began moving towards Joe. He was petrified for a moment before Alpha’s reassuring nod lifted him. He stared in wonder as he came face to face with the glittering mysterious spectacle. He felt the tinge again.

“You are good!” he found himself talking voluntarily!
“You remind me of the apple tree!”Came the sweetest voice Joe had ever heard. He experienced a connection like never before. He felt his whole being come alive. This was it! Everything he had been seeking. He was so sure of it he could bet his own life on it. He could not believe his fortune!
“Ah! You remind me of the Lilly!” He fought to stay calm. “Where do you come from my wonder?”
“Favour! Just call me Favour. That’s very crucial! I come from Venus. Alpha the Majestic rules there. Ribs are our main delicacy!”

He felt another tinge at the same spot. “Alpha? Ribs?!” He sounded incoherent.
“Yes! Access to any of us can only be through him.”
“How did you find me?”

“I did not. That’s the same question I have for you! I think it all has to do with Alpha.”
They both intuitively faced him as he warmly cheered them on. A multi colored rabble of butterflies flew before them, causing a glow to radiate from Favour.

“It’s a big mystery. I have worked so hard to find you. It feels like I have known you my entire life! Yet it took so long! Something could have gone wrong and I would have missed you!”
“A big mystery true that! I was worried I would miss it too. That perfect moment. That perfect one! Though at first not a popular position with me, at some stage I became convinced the answer for the both of us was hidden in Alpha.

“The solution, I was persuaded lay in pursuing him as opposed to my self-centered efforts to find you. From that moment on I went after him with everything I had. I would die trying! I was convinced if I got that right he would lead me to you, across the mountains, valleys, the seas and boundaries…for he is before all things and it is in him that all things, you and me included hold together.”

“Such a fighter! As for me, I was working extremely hard to find you and at the very verge of giving up. I cried out then there are all these lions and birds and Elephants! Then the walkway!”

“Excuse me!!!”
“Chimpanzees too!”
“What are you talking about Joe?”
“Just forget about it for now my wond…”
“Favour! Please keep that in mind. Promise me you won’t forget my name, then I will be sure next year a time like this we will be a testimony of his faithfulness.” The music was fading out and Favour was gradually retreating.
“I promise, Favour.”
“Please promise me again!”

Joe felt his heart go a little heavy with conviction. He could not allow this moment to slip through his fingers. He looked straight at Favor and said it again. He understood, profoundly and gratefully so, he had finally found the one! Only because he was looking at her through the eyes of The One!

It was the vigorous shaking on his shoulders that woke Joe the seeker up. He opened his eyes to find his roommate staring at him in amusement?
“Aren’t you waking up today? What’s up with you and chimpanzees?!”
“Never mind! Favour! Keep that in mind!”
He stepped out of his bed and rushed to the bathroom.

©The Blazing Trail 2012
All rights reserved

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