The Vessel

“One more thing Joannah,” called out Joe from the gate, “please get your surfing gear ready. It’s a stormy season.”She was briefly taken a-back. “Be still”, continued Joe. “All is well because Alpha is for us.” She nodded on the affirmative before rushing back to her chambers.


“Do we have everything in place?” Slick the intricate enquired.

“Yes we do, came a quick response.”

“Who is our vessel?”

“The assassin! We have a firm hold on his heart. He will deliver to the latter. As I speak he just got elevated to a most senior rank within the kingdom.” Slick nodded calmly, seemingly pleased with the report.

“See to it nothing goes wrong.” He added firmly. I need that Treasure out of my way. Their presence within this empire has long-term damaging effect on my interests as has been the case all over the world where their elements have surfaced.”

“Consider it done sir.”

Slick turned around and made a swift exit from the meeting.


“They are a very peculiar people. A most rebellious breed with no regard whatsoever for authority. They are interestingly spread all over your prestigious kingdom. This is not good for you sir. Not good for us at all.”

The king listened intently as the Assassin expressed himself with great conviction. “What’s their name?”He asked brusquely.

“The Alphite Treasure! With your blessings, I intend to take very good care of these troublemakers and ensure the good king enjoys a peaceful secure reign as he administers his monumental responsibilities within the vast empire.”

“You have everything you need. See to it the situation is under control.”

“Long live the king!” They made a toast as the assassin let out a loud laughter.


“This calls for action Joannah! Immediate. It’s life and death. The assassin has heavy artillery to his advantage for sure but have you forgotten the weapons of our engagement are not like his? Besides, the heart of the king is in the Lord’s hands…like a watercourse he directs it wherever he wishes. History has set this up. For such a time as this. We will be held responsible before heaven and earth for anything short of the Lord’s heart over this matter.”


“Who does he think he is this Joe?” Spoke a furious assassin to his wife and friends. “How could the king make me do this? I went to seek a nod for his execution, for heaven’s sake, not for a chance to take him for a ride. With all the honor bestowed upon me, he continues to stubbornly provoke me. I must put an end to this once and for all. I will bury him myself.”

“I’m afraid today’s was not a good sign,” appealed an anxious wife. “I feel like the worst is yet to come. Watch your heart. He is from the Alphite Treasure fame. Haven’t you heard what these people did to the Egyptians and the nations in the wilderness? He has the mark of Alpha the majestic. Please leave him alo…”

“Excuse me please but you seem to have a very low opinion of my prominence. I’m getting late for my banquet date with the King hosted by his very own dear wife. I will see you later!”

The Assassin caught a glimpse of Joe as he made his way. He briefly withdrew from his security detail and moved towards him. “I want to make myself very clear,” his threat was pointed. “You will dearly pay for all the trouble you’ve caused.”

Joe spoke quietly, his gaze fixed on the ground. “Woes must surely come but woe to the vessel through whom they come. He who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces but he on whom it falls will be crushed.”

“You don’t get it, do you? Some people never learn!”

“Just as some people, like the leopard’s skin never change. Why have you pursued us for destruction without cause? Check your heart.”

“I’ve heard that before. We will see what use it is by the time I’m done with you. Mark my words; I’m timing you in seconds!”

“We come from completely different worlds; I would never lift my finger against you. Why are you so bent on such a destructive course? Is it all you want to be remembered for? Destroying others? In the end, doesn’t one reap what they sow? For the Lord delights in justice. He watches over his own as a shield, desiring all will come to his saving knowledge and receive mercy. In him there is no partiality.”

“Oh dear! Look what we have here. You are so incredible! I almost can’t believe just how grossly I had misdiagnosed the severity of your disease. Thanks for making my day. Excuse me for now but I have some rather significant matters to attend to. You will see me soon, then you and your kindred can pay for your sins.”

“If you see me again,” interjected Joe casually.

The assassin made one last scoff at Joe then hurried off.

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