Archives For Humanity

Meticulous scene unfolds in heightened real-time drama unprecedented

Prominent spectacle sweeping across cultures in unified pulse laden with mystery showcasing

Dialects come joyfully converging in awe-inspiring collage overflowing with love indescribable

Wonder of the aisle towering in unparalleled glorious showcase merging ribcage in infinite divine seal

Chords of happily ever after harmoniously playing in sensational dream come true symphony

Sentimentally smiting from left to the right in exclusive universal fashion

©The Blazing Trail 2017

A sight to behold in the night of wonder

What a vision

Staring expectantly far beyond

Sun moon and stars shining in cheerful chorus glorious

Amid eventful Westward trod above hump‘s vintage preserve

Intelligent stares frantically zoomed in scenes shaping up from far horizon

Sustained bid against time showcasing celestial background spectacle

To unravel mystery prominent beyond yonder

Dramatically unfolding real-time


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Reminisce nostalgic

A score and two later

Wonder beheld beyond limits prescribed

Such incredible and undisputed reality

Above apex of power and might

It captivates to this very moment

Thrill inspiring speechless aftermath

Strength in weakness

Embedded within

Phenomenal surreal

Of the third galaxy


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It wells up

Universal priceless gem

Saturating celestial realm in dominant signature

Quench distinguished like no other


Of the sixth sense’ interpretation

It sparkles spectacular

From time undefined

To an end sprawling endlessly

Timeless mystery flow

From well

Of the old


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From that tiny pocket within global spectrum

Humble abode discreet

Tale of monumental proportions flowed out

Breaking multiple walls along human membrane

Heartwarming merge of passion and intent

Mighty flood magnificent

Overflowing with grace

To the ends of the earth


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