Down the road


Fraternity within the trail


Making ride worth the while

Strength is renewed

Refreshing streams

Sweeping over

Seeping through

Soul refreshing

Burden spreads along the file

Across human perimeter

Sweet melody reverberating




Who can tell what will happen

Anything can happen

Anticipation fills inner soul

Hope overflowing through the eye

Shared dream at the very heartbeat

 It paints the promise all will be well

As long as we stick



And so the adventure stretches forth

Momentous reflections sentimental

Decorating pages of the voyager’s diary

Heart wells up

Grateful for the kindred company




We’re going to make it



© The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “TOGETHER

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  1. What a journey that must have been! I think your words can apply to both a physical and a spiritual journey – I relate to them with my journey through cancer. Thank-you for this inspiration.


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