Glorious spectacle

Live divine magnificence

It dazzles

Stunning brilliance displaying

Destiny convergence

Eternal nerve Centre

Eye deeply sighs

 Desperate plea to manage a clear glance


Like a high voltage domain


By the twenty

Plus four


Like guardians

Of the giant clock of the age

No hour is unmanned

Their inventory lacks not a single minute

Of the hour

Of the day

They tower high

In veneration

Four world coördinates secured

Transcontinental dialects and seasons accompanying

Within arena


By those twenty-four


They glow with glory

Overflowing with majesty


Of mighty rushing waters amplifying

Oh those twenty-four

The Blazing Trail

Comprehensively captured

In fore


And essence

Every eye glued

Toward the heartbeat

Within the awe striking scene in witness

Center of focus


The twenty-four


© The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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