It wells up

Universal priceless gem

Saturating celestial realm in dominant signature

Quench distinguished like no other


Of the sixth sense’ interpretation

It sparkles spectacular

From time undefined

To an end sprawling endlessly

Timeless mystery flow

From well

Of the old


It confounds

Ceasing not


Within well of the old

Flora and fauna bask in effect

Savoring glorious flourish

Fueling core of their inner being in divine drench

Artiste attempts to figure out elusive spectacle

In a spirited multifaceted attempt toward unravel

There is hope heart of the tale could be securely captured

Finite anchored in immortality

Case rested once and for all henceforth

Within relish

Welling up to eternal echelons

From well

Of the old


© The Blazing Trail 2015

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