Continued from XII

Pandemonium unbridled descended upon the five senses in multi-fashion relentless manifest. Who would have seen this historic phenomenon come! How was anyone to be possibly prepared for the incredible live melodrama!

The craft’s engines roared in triumphant proclamation that tore through the nations with the buoyant sound of freedom. And what a victorious acclamation! She glanced round the craft’s smiting interior with its ambience overflowing with love.

Her soul broke out in involuntary ecstatic worship. She felt her inner core resonate with the gush of grace and mercy powering the engines toward what would be the inevitable lift. It was the lift of freedom. The spectacular lift of freedom that would forever redefine her.

Mercy had embraced soul in a definitive fate with destiny. Tears ran freely down her checks as her eyes met the pensive faces inside the plane. She chocked on effect as the thought of all that could have gone wrong this day dawned on her.

This heavy sense of responsibility and gratitude sat on her heart in vivid pose. The sights and scenes unfolding through the view of her window were horrific. Somehow, she had been spared…was about to be spared! This heartfelt truth was severely challenging her comprehension.

She would have been part of the lot eternally swallowed up by this surprise tragedy this very peculiar morning. The heaps of rubble highlighting her view all around would have momentarily buried her in life and eternity, and all those of she ever cared for.

She was tongue-tied. What manner of love! What a salvation! What a deliverance!

To be continued…

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