Continued from VIII…

As her unusual guests hurriedly slid into the hillside, she heard her dad’s affirming voice once more: “Apple of the Fathers Eye Forever!” She emotionally stared in the dark, lost for word, then waved the twin twigs of flax in her hand at the diminishing silhouettes, almost unaware of it.

How these two had in one day turned her world upside down, permanently altering her life. “To gratitude and to destiny!” Came her involuntary exclamation amid her sustained wave. Her mind seemed to linger in wonder of whether she would ever see the mystery duet again.

She would not be the same again; she knew it all too well.

And what an eventful day. She knew her sleep was in arrears, yet the adrenaline rush in her so absorbed her in a captivating spell distinctly separating her from reality. The road to the monumental threshold she now stood upon had been unparalleled. The power of hearing and belief!

From the stonewalling depths of the dungeon that had terminally sealed her fate hitherto, tucked-in securely within the city wall, a ray of hope had resolutely shone through, buoyantly quenching the darkness engulfing her heart.

News of the advancing peculiar community had for some considerable time now been trickling in steady flow. The city folk was largely pensive and on high alert. She could not explain her keen interest in the unfolding storyline, yet it was amazing how her faith had been significantly lit up by the developing story ever so spectacular in plot.

To be continued…

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