Continued from last week…

The heart knows best. She supposed it was so true of her as she beheld this glorious moment. And what a phenomenon! Springing right from the nerve center, it had resiliently and surprising lunged forth in full throttle, engulfing her in every sense of the word. This love so pure and true now had her every faculty. Effectively numbing her every faculty with a love so pure and true.

There was no wide berth in the offing far as it went. And how could it be that this monumental love, this precious gift that she had not initiated was all hers all at once!

Now it was all she saw, all she was thinking about, the new world she basked in, where shame and guilt had no stake.

Provoked thoroughly by her helpless estate and the absolute hostility she represented, He had gone all out for her. This one who had been effectively lost without a trace would hence forth trend in timeless limelight. Because He loved her. First!

Inspired by the impregnable walls of darkness entrapping, right within the depths of the horrors of her eighth fall, he had come roaring in, her gallant conqueror, deliverer and best friend, now securely holding her hand, against all odds.

She sat in deep mesmerise, soaked in wonder, tears running down freely as songs of deliverance came serenading her heart. What a salvation! Gratitude overflowed in ceaseless avalanche. She knew she would be lost there-in for the rest of her life. This presence, His priceless presence, evermore.

She strode to her living room window that gave a breathtaking panoramic evening view of the city. Its magnificent lighting outlined the distant skyline in curious emoji that filled onlooker with a sense of deep expectation.

To be continued…

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