Continued from last week…

The sound of music set the goose bumps ablaze in a whirlwind frenzy. It was like the sound of a divine orchestra, that filled the air with such glorious radiance. The beat spoke of a victory so mighty and magnificent, beyond comprehension.

It proclaimed of mysteries and blessings before time, of foundations firmly established long before the visual order. The advancing beat amplified the sound of freedom that rent the air in spectacular fashion. Theme of strength in weakness was at the center of it all, akin that indomitable ride on eagle’s wings.

A great sign appeared in the sky, a plane the shape of an apple gliding effortlessly through the clouds in steady approach and descent. Its peculiar motion and sight oozed power so tangible and insurmountable.  

It circled the city radius in a triumphant lap of honor whose sight sparkled with grandeur. A crimson stairway dangled from its side as it descended lower. Was that Cleo somewhere within the cockpit?! She marvelled sub consciously, thrilled to the bone marrow at the prospect. The drumrolls echoed in rapid reverberate.

She woke up with a start! There was no small commotion around her. She swung round her bed in great alarm just in time to see the two raiding faces all so familiar beckoning at her. The simultaneous sound of dashing footsteps and commands all around the house told her the moment had come! She beheld the flurry of activity in deep wonder. It was the portrait of deliverance, chords of a promise keeper unmatched in style and precision.

To be continued…

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