Amid what seemingly over saturated as anti-climax

Hope shook overwhelmingly

Hanging beneath dense cloud cover projecting myriad of perplexities

Silver lining sparkled from a distance

Silver glow heralding

Someone coming


Promise anchored still

Resolutely advancing in debt fulfilling motion

Canopy discreetly enveloping

Eagles descended on oak peaks in pensive touchdown

Monumental spectacle displayed

 In fervent anticipation escalated skyward


Within sound of wind unprecedented


Light bulbs flickered in divine illumination

At possibility for more

Way much more



Someone was coming

Hope’s essence

And faith’s spark

Reminiscent joy ever after

Soul’s nourishing fountain

Like a well spring gushing from eternal

Till eternal

Thrill of the heart

Lighting up village and township alike

In glorious eternal bliss

True sight

In light of grand arrival

Of the one



© The Blazing Trail 2016

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