What if

Lions could sing

Sound of thunder reverberating through foliage

Stranger than mesmerize

Distant horizons tuning in live

Curious spectacle resonating all across the land

Paradigm shift calling to attention


 Lions could sing


Giraffe would come joining in lofty dance

The elephant in mix and match tow

Trumpet’s crescendo

Shaking leg in astounding flash

Drama spiced up in classic jungle beat

Filling the air with thrilling aura

If only

Giraffe could dance


Birds would perch in pay per view gusto

Complete with VIP honors

Adorning exquisite designer sunglasses

Breaking wind

And harm of solar glare

Amid free flow of refreshment midst of the show

Chimpanzee missing not a lone frame

Behind lens successively clicking away

If only

The lion could sing


©The Blazing Trail 2016

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