The Mountains 

Gracefully scaled

Anxieties effectively diffused

For all that could have gone wrong 

But did not – through the cruise it’s been

For every answered prayer and all that awaits

For the hopes beckoning ahead and every dream fulfilled

For the highs and lows of the eventful season unprecedented

Here’s to the ebenezer Chorus – with gratitude overflowing buoyantly

© The Blazing Trail 2021 


It glowed with electrifying thrill while it lasted

Shinning its radiance in glorious prism

Generous magnificent smile

That graciously spun the entire three sixty

Presiding over

Assortment of mixed fortune

It’s gone before it could start

Emotional sunset that now bids goodbye

 From the horizon


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For all that could have gone wrong

But did not

Hell that could have broken loose

But faded away in subdue

For the landmines ensnaring

That mysteriously held still

Bad news

That never saw light of the day

For all this

And more

Much more

I marvel

Retrospect musings

With gratitude


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Seems the moment is finally here

Looking back

Ride that was

Nostalgia overwhelming

There are no two ways about it

Sad to see you go

Bidding goodbye

Effortlessly slipping through my grip

Have to admit though

In spite of it all

The moment is really here



For your memorable visits

Glamorous likes

Warm comments

Exhilarating follows

For your heartfelt friendship

Deeply treasured

Knowing you

Knowing me

Substance community consist


Thank you for all

You keep me going

Thank you


This is for you



And so

As dusk sets in

Dawn advancing

Transition secure

We have one more shot


To make it count

To make it real

Second chance of sorts


Higher heights to scale

Deeper seas to delve

Thrill of adventure


I must say

I just can’t wait

Grand onset

Best wishes to you


A happy glorious New Year


©The Blazing Trail 2013

All Rights Reserved


It was only yesterday when i did my first post, skeptical whether i had the energy to stay afloat.One friend after another came along-graciously so.Then i sensed there was a chance i would survive.I have learned a lot through all of you wonderful people!It’s the smiles,the likes and showers of kind sentiments in their various forms that have been my Inspiration.And it gets better. Thank you.You have made me belong ,my experience here heart warming.All because of the special people you are;the exceptionally brilliant family you standout as,in ever ascending fashion.This comes to you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you Ivon for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.He will fascinate you with deep insights at As I glance down memory lane, I have no idea where I would be without the role of every teacher and leader who has been part of my molding journey since childhood.From the bottom of my heart,I dedicate this post to each single one of them, wherever they may be found.Thank-you!

Once again,thanks Ivon.My sense of Inspiration is renewed.Keep the flame burning. Best wishes to you in all.

The Rules:

1.Link back to the person who nominated you.

2. Post the award image to your page:

3. Seven facts about myself:

  •  I believe in the power of a common dream for humanity
  • I believe in the active role of Inspiration toward moving this dream to reality
  • I believe each one of us,aware or unaware carries a special part of this big picture…”where dreams come true!”
  • I believe every life is a footstep holding in it a unique potential to Lead humanity closer to the dream realization
  • If I could have one wish granted,it would be to live forever young at heart!
  • I enjoyed playing the cornet as my favorite instrument once upon a time!
  • Every time someone mentions “potatoes” my heart skips a beat!

4. My fifteen nominees:

So long!

The Blazing Trail

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