News hit the headlines with a bang

Breaking news

Featuring mother of all arrests

Bastion of fear vanquished

Came tumbling down thunderously

Shackles snapping in disarm surrender


At the sight of meeting their match


Like the roar of a lion


Melodious chords saturate airwaves

Unprecedented beauty inspiring awe

Within visible realm

Glorious yodel cascades through the atmosphere

Multiplicity of expression


Painting a theme so marvelous to behold

Spilling joy

Graceful pattern

Setting goose bumps wild on effect

Emotive resonance

Filling heart and soul with overflowing bubbly thrill

Oil of gladness



Behold the grand takeover

Agents of evil succumbing in retreat

On the defensive

Hope rebirth in spectacular fashion

Peace on earth

Goodwill to men

Freedom definitive at last

Bounds upon bounds

Of joy sweeping over the peoples

Ever after


The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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