Visible up in arms

Against enigma concealed



Seeing and believing

Inwards yearning to devour magnanimous

Protracted showdown continues

Rivalry unprecedented

Common target


Virtue against disorder

There will be an absolute winner

When opponent is vanquished

Quenched in finality

Either or

Choice sure certainty

Litmus between the duo

Guided on course versus whirl of free fall

Restraint neck to neck with freedom

Dilemma of choice and free will

Logic grappling to comprehend mystery

Endless reaches out to finite

Wisdom to inspire

Uncertainty pensive before gusto of self-confidence

Money or the box!

Destination embracing both

Certainty unmistakable

Remarkable distinction between two arrivals


Sharp contrast essence

Reminiscent two worlds colliding

Stroke of fate unveils box

Separation complete

Unraveling all mystery

As pieces hold together

In one last move

Verdict sealed

Long past mark of return

Dramatic culmination

Clamor for supremacy

Mission accomplished

©The Blazing Trail 2013

All Rights Reserved

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