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A ray here

A chirp there

And a cool breeze

Gracefully sweeping past at first light

Like a crochet meticulously advancing forth in artistic design

Slowly but certainly

Shaping course for the day in glorious splash

Anticipation bubbles over in myriad of possibility

As hope holds still in reign supreme

At the break of dawn


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17/11/2014 — 1 Comment

In dry thirst patches

Life’s upward terrain

Where hopelessness and despair dwell in harmony

As odds gang up in show of solidarity

Dense clouds come gathering above

Gracing domain with divine presence majestic

Grace and mercy united in affinity of purpose

Showers of blessings imminent in eclipse

It pours


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16/09/2013 — 2 Comments



On course

Toward grand culmination


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I have a feeling

This strong inner sense

It’s about to rain

Babe beams radiant in potent glow

Smile akin intelligence feed classified

Expressing depth of the matter in silence

Calf’s tail runs amok in the open grassland

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