Kinetic display

Thriving amidst adversity

Ordinary folk in extraordinary pulse

Unschooled form in prime of excellence

Tracing spectacle’s root to the nerve centre

Say of the minority in peculiar offensive world bound

Seasoning soul in universal kindred cascading in defining fashion

© The Blazing Trail 2020



Threading lifetime

With zeal and purpose

Bequeathing meaning and perspective

Hope gloriously overflows in renewed lease of life

Buoyantly overcoming barrier and obstacle along track

Resilience so defining and eternally inspiring across generations

Rare optimism brilliantly lighting up the heart to the finish line

© The Blazing Trail 2020



Regular interval

Overrode form and schedule

Taste of immortality in stellar mystery

Fusing faith and destiny in purpose and moment

Heaven and earth locked in delightful twirl of glory

Reverberating in eternal cascade generational ever after

Sound of triumph thrilling in chords of deliverance rising in infinite praise

© The Blazing Trail 2020



Aboard wings of grace

Chances flow past gloriously

Anticipating grand conversion

First eleven buzzing in spectacular transaction

Under his masterful eye before all things

Hope fills the air amid rising cheers

Opportunity reigning supreme toward climax generously riveting

Nothing is lost

Anything may just happen

Within extratime interval golden

©The Blazing Trail 2020



Rising the occassion

Triumph in paradigm shift

Carved upon courageous pulse

Seizing in definitive standout amid Peculiar times

The moment fused in destiny’s seal radiating mission and purpose

© The Blazing Trail 2019


The desire to make the world a better place is a universal privilege

An innate #Call to greatness and ultimately a preserve for the #Chosen

We each bear a gift to a hurting world

In expending that gift through our niches #Spheres and corporate causes in society

Each role is uniquely vital

No matter your lot the #World is waiting

Keep on believing…do it best way you know how

For God and humanity

Do it for #Destiny

Above all anchor it on #Virtue

Because virtue is selfless and immortal

Transcending time into eternity in last laugh dream come true

You are #Immortal until you have done your part

Purpose for your birth


For he is before all things

In him

All things hold together

©The Blazing Trail 2017


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