Continued from last week’s ONE MOMENT IN TIME

“Right where they are now…wait a minute!” Came a gentle whisper as he lowered his hand, eyes fixed on the couple. He was peculiarly zeroing in on the lady’s arms. His counterpart had a fair understanding of the shades of moments and their accompanying significance. This one was not impotent.

The Patriot’s eyes were suddenly overflowing with life as the peasant duet came closer. He stood petrified, in a fixed gaze, as his counterpart looked on, mouth wide open, hands stuck to her chest. He reached out for the bundle of joy handed over to him in what depicted a flawlessly rehearsed script.

“There are days! Mornings! Sunrises! There are also dawns…standing out from the rest. I have waited for this moment all my life. My life could not be fuller in purpose! What a remarkable send off. And what a humble unveiling of the all defining dawn. Who would have imagined this would be the course?”

“Truly there are mysteries hidden from the finite eye,” interjected his counterpart in child like buoyancy. “The Epitome of significance cradled undercover!”

“The litmus that will confound wisdom and might in phenomenal proportion of redefinition, setting apart action from motive in clear contrast as East is from the West…the dawn that will propel the human race to a most dramatic finish of the age. I can’t believe this is me in the moment of a life time.”  He heavily choked, unable to restrain emotion any longer.

The Patriot stood speechless as he kissed the peaceful pint glowing forehead. It seemed at the end of his eventful road the story was only beginning. He smiled at the prospect of curtain raising. But then in the face of the auspicious moment, the moment of reckoning, that seemed to have been his portion. And to the very end he had played his part well. Dawn alright! The mist was rapidly fading off, the spectacle of the nations breaking forth, mystery demystified. As he held up the infant, tears flowing unrestrained, it was the sensational moment of lifting the world cup. There was no romp or pomp to mark the golden moment. No security detail to keep him at bay, yet here was the one in whom was the embodiment of splendor, might and dominion. In person. It was the moment of a life time! There was not time to articulate a speech, for though he needed to and this so desperately, yet what words could possibly define a moment whose essence was destiny’s architect?

He saluted in honor. “From this day on every time the lion roars the lands will go momentarily silent in honor; The celestial order will sparkle with the radiance of an infant’s smile at the undisputed mighty swoop of the eagle; when the ruminants chew curd, it will be in resonance of the new dawn; As the presidential motorcade blazes past, the nations will look up the skies in glorious echo of anticipation; when the shark takes a swirl in the deep, her hunting fin right on target, the trail’s antagonists will tremble in terror. The beautiful ones not yet! For greater than these they will do, gliding in the beauty and splendor of exploit, till the pieces hold together in ultimate culmination; For he is before all things and in him all things hold together.”

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  1. “”The Celestial order will sparkle with the radiance of an infants smile…”””

    You Can Write!!!!!! Wonderfully … a pleasure to be reading your words
    🙂 🙂


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