There was a major stir within the royal courts as the flamboyant contingent of luminaries blazed its way in a grand exit. The city was on high alert following news just in. State officials, military and intelligence chiefs were making their way to the first house for an emergency priority meeting .Word was rife within the echelons of power the Nation was at the verge of a state of emergency.

The situation was heating up in the crisis room. There were conflicting perspectives on what the new development meant for the present and future. The President’s fury was sending ripples across the City. Some of his officials were evidently at a loss why all this should trace its source to an infant!


The rare VIP entourage moved through the city in a dazzling mysterious phenomenon. They were under the watchful eye of the elite security forces acting on a presidential directive, to be enforced until they were out of the city’s jurisdiction. Of great interest to the flummoxed onlookers were their sophisticated cosmic paraphernalia and the great prowess that marked every step of their progression, saddled on their animals. Clad in distinct royal attire, they were seen going through intricate details of what appeared to be maps while others used an elaborate assortment of night vision instruments to catch a vivid view of the sky. They gestured and pointed across the sky while conversing in discreet tones, with part of their security detail and handlers bringing in the rear in a steady focused exit from the city.

“What is this?!” came an exclamation from an open window across the street.

“A scene from the x-files!” joked her colleague.

“Whatever did happen at Roswell!”

“You know what? May be there is some truth after all… somewhere out there…up there!”

One could touch the pregnant sense of silence that punctuated the conversation.


“There it goes again! The same one!” Exclaimed Tower, pointing to the sky as she gently lowered her visual aid.

“Wow! wow! wow! Look at the Trail behind it! Such a spectacle! Magnificent! Spectacular!”  Sky scrapper, the elderly in the team marveled. “This is where our story ends!”

“Story?!” shouted Pillar, finding it difficult to conceal his surprise.

The old man struggled to contain the intensity rising within him, his index finger raised. “Search every record-every prediction you want under any dialect and you will accurately observe it was all pointing to this event. Believe it or not, this is the one event that will change the course of the entire universe! Discreetly kept under wraps until now. It will redefine Civilization-past,present and future, in every sense of it. This dawn!” His voice was an emphatic half whisper.

Continued Next Friday…

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