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Like a master piece cast from exhilarating script it traverses the nations in resolute pulse

Reminiscent mystery strums of wind winding across the seven seas in eventful universal hum

Sea land and air chorus in tumultuous zest resounding

Magnificent array overflowing with life and hope in its awe-inspiring wake

Intense wonder greets the spectacular sight gloriously unfolding in real-time fashion

Defining act against time

Preceding  grand culmination heralded

The 29th act


@The Blazing Trail 2017

@The Blazing Trail 2017


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Residence exclusive where all action is happening in real-time exclusive

It’s a beehive of activity unfolding in action packed fashion

Love fills the air in universal spurt flowing timelessly and tirelessly

Ongoing with this temple

It gets better

Even best

Like saving best for last

Color of energy weighs-in in defining aesthetic detail

Characteristic offensive adorning her heralded progression in hope-laden mission

Foe and obstacle stare in confounded nod of surrender

No limit deters this unparalleled life-filled spectacle

Ongoing in this temple

©The Blazing Trail 2017

From infinite halls of depths invisible


Uncharted in perception and explore

Galaxy transcendent

 In phenomenal ancient magnitude

Hailing before all things

Came light magnificent

Resiliently resolute

Highest priority mission



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Color of resilience brilliantly radiating



And affirmation

Crowning aura of his countenance


Suddenly sky gives way to infinity of opportunity

Ceiling ripped in spur


Of the big brother


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Ground operation advances

Courtesy of stalwarts

Multiple units in synchronized multitude of dialect

Action empowered

Breathtaking prowess marks every stride

Majestic and eventful

Strength insulated in weakness

On target in cause and essence

Under cover of air surveillance


And reinforcement


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