Pinnacle 1

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Lights went out

Flare of emotion


Echoes of Ramah

Abated breath on impact

On the day Pinnacle of Bethlehem


Set out in motion

~ Continue reading “PINNACLE OF BETHLEHEM”


Continued from last week’s… “SNAKES AND LADDERS.”

“Who exactly is this guy, his accomplice…and where are they from?” The head of state could hardly conceal his agitation. “I greatly detest the fact I have known no peace since this whole messy saga erupted.” Continue reading “THE YELLOW CARD!”


There was a major stir within the royal courts as the flamboyant contingent of luminaries blazed its way in a grand exit. The city was on high alert following news just in. State officials, military and intelligence chiefs were making their way to the first house for an emergency priority meeting .Word was rife within the echelons of power the Nation was at the verge of a state of emergency. Continue reading “ENEMY OF STATE…A RERUN”

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