There was a flurry of activity within the expansive VIP field. The heavy security presence made it impossible for anyone to penetrate the sophisticated safety cordon. Not even by sight. A glorious presence at the heart of the field radiantly glowed up the sky, lighting up the atmosphere with a magnificent array of multiple cross shapes depicting the four corners of the earth.

Waiting patiently from his vantage point, his sniper riffle closely held to his chest, he quickly went through his Intel brief one last time, just to be sure. A quick glance at his watch told him he did not have much longer to wait.

Suddenly, the air was filled with the rumbling of powerful engines. Within moments, a mighty breeze was sweeping the field circumference as the giant blades cut across the air. The sniper sighed in apprehension. He could tell it was more than one chopper in there. He glanced at his brief in surprise, struggling to stay calm as the engines accelerated to full power.

His heart skipped a beat in disbelief as four identical armored choppers lifted in a Majestic fashion and began to navigate toward the four winds. There was movement on the ground as the cordon eased off in a momentary wave and four identical armored motorcades began rolling forward headed for the four compass directions.Each of the four presidential limousines was sandwiched between three identical decoys as the spectacle gained momentum en route, with a lighting that defied description brilliantly filling the arena.

He stared with a wide open mouth at the phenomena unfolding before his eyes leaving a glorious trail in its wake. It had all happened too fast. He knew it deep within himself that he stood not a chance. This by far dwarfed the launch of a rocket. In that case all one had to do was await the lone capsule at the end of the curtain raising drama. He sat motionless, spell-bound by awe striking events of the last few moments.

The sky was filled with the glory reminiscent of one riding on the clouds,with eyes like a blazing fire. He felt all strength sapped out of him as profound knowledge of one before all things, one who must have existed before the linguists invented the word sniper, hit him with the force of a Tsunami and the exposing radiance of a multiple spotlights. He woke up with a start, startled and trembling uncontrollably.


There is a coveted spot where the heart, mind, soul and will meet in perfect symphony: Love! A most elusive mark in our times. The more one actively grows in the four and that in equal measure, the sweeter, bursting and succulent the spelling of the resulting four letter word. The product is not independent of the ingredients. Not a single one of them. A commandment exists to that effect, since days of ancient. It’s a decree that’s unbeatable in prominence. Love; a critical tipping point to joy and tragedy. Though a part of life, few things can be likened to the tragedy of an own goal, worse still the sting of a spectacular late goal.

He had been one of them all along, part of the daily entourage with attached full rights and privileges. There is a saying that associates familiarity with contempt. I guess the former has its safe margins; the latter possesses lethal ramifications, especially because it carries with it the demonstrative part of love. Lethal because it carries with it the entrapment of the visible versus the invisible. I guess one can always get away with it when it involves trivial matters. But when Alpha the Majestic is in the picture, that’s a whole different dynamic right there. Different like life and death!

For him, familiarity never just allowed him to see beyond the surface area. It was just another day, another undertaking in the routine entourage. Obligation and love became the same thing, thereby securely concealing the invisible prominence behind the visible routine of the grand entourage. A fatal move that disallowed him the critical insight of reckoning that whether he understood it or not he had subjected himself to a parallel invisible reality, one that was just about to cost him his life. One is never really in control…as he had erroneously believed he was. That is always the reserve of either of the two invisible realities. As he was just about to find out, there is no middle ground.


He hurriedly dressed up and took the parcel from his treasure bag before rushing out. His heart was racing as he took to the road. How could he have been so blind? So it was really true sight is not the equivalent of vision. He got to the doorway of his destination only to discover to his surprise no one would receive his pricey package. It was then he realized he was attempting to physically fix what had already been spiritually executed.The lesson was sinking home that there was indeed no middle ground. The set up was complete…an irrevocable transaction.Goods once sold could not be returned.In this case it was his life was in the place of the goods. He was learning it too late though. As he watched the parcel fly across the room and land on the floor, he vividly saw the picture of a late goal, neatly scored barely one second after the final whistle! The onus was on him. He counted one-two-three…thirty pieces in all scattering across the floor. His thoughts went back to his eleven colleagues. Unlike him, the object of their love had never shifted, in spite of their many shortcomings. No bait had enticed enough. That made a huge difference. Different like life and death. His world came crumbling down. As the noose squeezed his last breath from him, he understood only too well the benefit of learning the lesson within regular play time.

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  1. I like that – the learning the lesson between regular playing time. Really good writing. I pictured it, easily. Great piece. And 50 reads – that’s cool 🙂


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